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The last D4 Strongholds guide you will need.
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Diablo 4 Strongholds

Strongholds are a unique feature in Diablo 4, and they are pretty fun to do. However, they are limited and challenging.

This guide will go through everything you need to know about Strongholds including their locations, and the rewards they give.

What are Strongholds in Diablo 4?

Strongholds are key locations in Sanctuary that are occupied by Lilith’s demons, followers, or bandits. There is a limited number of them due to how much experience, and renown points that they provide, so you can’t expect to farm them indefinitely.

They are challenging and contain a short story about how this location became a Stronghold, which adds up to the experience of wanting to conquer it. Your goal is to get to the Stronghold, do certain tasks, and then rekindle the Wanderer’s Shrine.

Strongholds are usually hidden by the fog of war, however, once you get near one, you will see a big notification pop up in the middle of your screen showing that there is a Stronghold nearby.

Diablo 4 Stronghold Icon
Stronghold Icon

To identify a Stronghold, you can look at your minimap and try finding a big red skull icon that is not very hard to miss. Keep note that it only shows up if you have passed by it before.

All Stronghold Locations

Currently, there is a total of 15 Strongholds, 3 in every region of Sanctuary. Some have minimum-level requirements and all of them will have their levels scaled up to two levels above yours.

All Stronghold locations in Hawezar

Hawezar Stronghold locations
The three strongholds located in Hawezar
  • Crusader’s Monument Go into the territory of the old Crusaders, cleanse the Ritual Brazier, and find the corpses of the three Crusaders in the area. Once you do, place them in the Brazier and challenge all three at the same time.
  • Eriman’s Pyre After speaking with the Spirit of the Pyre, you will soon realize that you are surrounded by a lot of dead villagers. You will have to slay said villagers and use their remains to extinguish the flame from the Pyre. Once you do, you will encounter Duz’Agur, Eriman’s Bane.
  • Vyersez – Find and destroy three Serpent’s Eye Pedestals to unlock the way to the room of Dianthus. Completing Vyersez unlocks a waypoint.

All Stronghold locations in Fractured Peaks

Fractured Peaks Stronghold locations
The three strongholds located in Fractured Peaks
  • Nostrava – Go into the village of Nostrava to destroy all the five Demonic Effigies and then fight three succubi, Nervala, Torvala, and Kozira. This Stronghold is easier for melee classes than ranged classes due to all the projectiles that will be coming at you from all three bosses. Completing Nostrava unlocks a waypoint.
  • Kor Dragan A vampire-infested territory where you have to destroy three Vampiric Incubators that only become vulnerable by destroying the Vampiric Corruptions attached to them. Destroying all three incubators will lead you to the boss, Nilcar, The Forgotten Bishop.
  • Malnok The objective is to defeat the Ice Clan Stormcallers who are preventing you from cleaning the Stronghold. Once you do that, you will face Frosthorn, the Ice Clan Champion.

All Stronghold locations in Scosglen

Scosglen Stronghold locations
The three strongholds located in Scosglen
  • Moordaine Lodge – Here, you will have to Investigate the Hunting Grounds by finding all the missing hunters and figuring out the reason behind their deaths. Once you do, you will go ahead and fight Fionnir, The Mad Druid.
  • Tur Dulra – Bring back peace to the city that was banished by Astaroth. This Stronghold will have you free three Druid spirits who once inhabited this land and fight Baelgemoth. Completing Tur Dulra unlocks a waypoint.
  • Hope’s Light I think this is the hardest Stronghold that Diablo 4 has to offer. Hope’s Light is a stronghold that features enemies that can throw a punch and a boss that hurts even more. Your objective is to light the lighthouse that is protected by Tidewitch Ne’gana.

All Stronghold locations in Kehjistan

Kehjistan Stronghold locations
The three strongholds located in Kehjistan
  • Altar of Ruin Going into the Altar of Ruin will have you defeat three Elites to collect keys and use them to unlock a door to the final boss, Dark Cardinal Maldul. Completing the Altar of Ruin unlocks a waypoint.
  • Alcarnus Another Stronghold that chills to the bones is Alcarnus. This one will have you go into Rashta’s territory, and disrupt her research by destroying all Necrotic Masses and then her. This is one of the more challenging Strongholds in my experience.
  • Omath’s Redoubt This one involves “slaying?” a lot of corpses and skeletons to then confront High Priestess Hadar. Another challenging Stronghold that will put your build to the test.

All Stronghold locations in Dry Steppes

Dry Steppes Stronghold locations
The three strongholds located in Dry Steppes
  • The Onyx Watchtower Occupied by bandits, your mission is to infiltrate the Stronghold, defeat all the bandits, and rid of all their rations, weapons, and infrastructure. You will also have to defeat the four lieutenants of Captain Ezmin, and Captain Ezmin himself. Completing The Onyx Watchtower unlocks a waypoint.
  • Ruins of Qara-Yisu Delve into the ruins and destroy 3 Infernal Spires. Once you’re done with that, you will face Utulku, The Voice Below.
  • Temple of Rot Diablo 4 sure knows how to bring ominous vibes into the game’s experience. In this Stronghold, you will have to go into the Temple of Rot, slay four Cannibal Champions, and then confront Molqarth, The Hungerer.

All the map screenshots are courtesy of Diablo.gg’s interactive map.

Stronghold Rewards

When you complete a Stronghold, you will earn 100 Renown points, unlock waypoints, and dungeons, and get a lot of experience. You will also complete Challenges by conquering Strongholds that will in return reward you with titles.

The loot is also pretty decent as you will be slaying a lot of Demons and so many Elites, so the chances of Legendary gear are pretty high.

Some Strongholds will also have hidden Altars of Lilith that can be activated and in return provide you with bonus stats and attributes.

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