Diablo 4: How to Respec and Reset Skill Points

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how to reset skills

As you level up and progress in Diablo 4, you will earn Skill Points that are used to upgrade your skills. Just like any ARPG, this game is heavily focused on build-crafting. This will require you to test builds to get the best one through trial and error and to do that, you will be respecing a lot.

How to reset skills in Diablo 4

how to respec in diablo 4

To reset skills, access the Abilities menu, and if you are above level 50, then you have to navigate to the Skill Tree tab, otherwise don’t worry about this step because the Paragon tab won’t be unlocked prior to this level. From there, you have the choice to reset an individual skill point or the entire skill tree.

If you are using a PlayStation controller, you can press square to reset all the skills or hold square to reset an individual skill. If you are using an Xbox controller, then you can press the X button instead.

If you are using a keyboard and mouse, then you can press the Refund All button located at the bottom of the menu to reset all skills or right-click a skill to reset it individually.

Resetting skills is free till level 15, and after that, you have to pay gold to reset individual skills and the entire skill tree as well. Obviously, resetting the whole tree will cost a lot more than resetting individual skills, so when you are testing builds, I recommend you check if resetting individual skills is enough rather than clearing the whole tree.

How many skill points can you get in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, you can get a maximum of 58 skill points. 48 of them are earned by leveling up, and 10 of them are earned by completing tiers 1 and 3 in the Renown system. Keep note that the renown skill points that you get will be unlocked on all your characters once you have unlocked them once on any of your characters.

That’s a wrap to how you can reset skills in Diablo 4. Since I don’t write Diablo 4 builds, I recommend you check out d4builds.gg as they write great builds.

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