Diablo 4: Tree of Whispers – All You Need to Know

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Diablo 4 Tree of Whispers


  • The Tree of Whispers can be unlocked after completing Act 6 of the story.
  • Complete Whispers to earn Grim Favors. You need 10 Grim Favors to receive rewards.
  • Whispers are highlighted in different shades of red. The darker the red color, the more Grim Favors you get.
  • Whispers involve running Dungeons, Cellars, defeating enemies, collecting orbs, or even defeating Elites.

The Tree of Whispers is a system that consists of completing objectives that are called “Whispers”, to earn enough Grim Favors and ultimately juicy loot and experience.

Each objective can net you between 1 and 5 Grim Favors, and you need 10 of them before you can go back to the Tree of Whispers and collect your rewards.

This guide will go over all the mechanics, and dos and don’ts, of that system. I will also be including some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of it.

Diablo 4 Tree of Whispers location

Tree of Whispers - Grim Favors
Tree of Whispers location & Grim Favors

The Tree of Whispers is located on the northeastern side of Hawezar. It can only be accessed after you have beaten Lilith in the main quest. Even though there will be an interaction with the Tree before this point, you can only access its Whispers by finishing the whole story.

Near the Tree, you will have a Waypoint, a Rings & amulets vendor, a Blacksmith, and a Stash to place your goodies in. This makes it convenient for you to clear your inventory before cashing in the rewards.

Whispers of the Dead Explained

Tree of Whispers - Whispers

Whispers of the Dead, or “Whispers”, are just a flashy name for “objectives” that the Tree of Whispers asks you to do. They are categorized into three segments. Each one will reward you with Grim Favors, gold, and some experience.

You need to earn 10 Grim Favors before you can go back to the Tree of Whispers and collect your rewards. However, the number of Grim Favors that each Whisper rewards you depends on the difficulty, and time that it takes to complete it.

Whisper Grim Favors rewarded
Completing a Cellar 1 Grim Favor
Killing a specific Elite through a quest sequence 1 Grim Favor
Defeat a specific enemy type x number of times 1 Grim Favor
Completing events 1 Grim Favor
Collecting 100 Orbs that drop from enemies 3 Grim Favors
Finishing a Ritual 3 Grim Favors
Participating in Legion Events 3 Grim Favor
Extract Seeds of Hatred (PvP) 3 Grim Favors
Completing a specific dungeon 5 Grim Favors
Defeat a World Boss 5 Grim Favors
Defeat the Fields of Hatred Boss (PvP) 5 Grim Favors

As you can see, Cellars that take a couple of minutes will net you one Grim Favor, but Dungeons that can take up to 20 minutes will net you 5 Favors. How much each Whisper gives you can also be identified by the color of the Whisper on the map.

  • Dark red Whispers give 5 Favors
  • Lighter red Whispers give 3 Favors
  • Pink Whispers will only give you 1 Favor.

One thing to keep in mind is that Whispers last for 90 minutes, and after that time is up, a new set of Whispers will be displayed on the map for you to complete.

Tree of Whispers Rewards

Tree of Whispers rewards

The Tree of Whispers is very generous, especially early on in the system when you are just getting started with it. Once you collect and submit 10 Grim Favors, you will have the option to choose one of three Caches that drop a specific piece of gear based on the Cache you choose.

  • Collection of one-handed weapons.
  • Collection of two-handed weapons.
  • Collection of Amulets.
  • Collection of Boots.
  • Collection of Chest Armors.
  • Collection of Gloves.
  • Collection of Helms.
  • Collection of Leg Armors.
  • Collection of Rings.

This Cache can be a regular one, or a legendary Greater Cache. Opening a Cache will reward you with gear, gold, elixirs, gems, and a chance for Nightmare Sigils.

Tree of Whispers tips & tricks

After accumulating a lot of playtime in Diablo 4, I managed to collect some tips & tricks that I would love to share with you.

  • If you enter a Dungeon Whisper with 5 minutes on the clock and complete it in 6 minutes, then you won’t be eligible to get the rewards anymore even if you are just 1 minute late.
  • Grim Favors are transferable. This means that if you have 9 Favors, and complete a dungeon that provides 5 Favors, the new cycle will start at 4 Grim Favors and not 0.
  • I found the fastest way to collect 10 Grim Favors is by completing one “Defeat a specific enemy type x number of times”, one “Cellar” and one “Collecting 100 Orbs that drop from enemies” while I am on my way to complete a “Dungeon Whisper”.
  • Always choose the Greater reward if you get it, even if you don’t need it.

That’s a wrap, and don’t forget to increase your healing potion capacity to make farming Whispers easier. I also recommend you check out Midgame builds on d4builds.gg to maximize your efficiency.

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