Diablo 4: Map – All Zones & Regions of Sanctuary

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Diablo 4 Regions

Unlike Diablo 3, the developers at Blizzard decided to take a different approach with Diablo 4. This game offers an open world map with instanced dungeons. Even though it is an action RPG, it will feel like an MMO at some points.

The map in D4 speaks for itself due to how big and vast it is. In fact, you won’t only have dungeons to run in this game, but you will also experience exploring all the locations that Sanctuary has to offer.

This guide covers all the regions in Diablo 4 briefly, and if you are interested in reading more about a specific region, you can do so in our dedicated overview for that region.

Diablo 4 regions

There are five regions spread all over Sanctuary, and they are Scosglen, Hawezar, Fractured Peaks, Kehjistan, and Dry Steppes. Each of them has a completely different environment, enemies to defeat, and challenges to partake in. Sanctuary has a lot to offer, and each region is unique in its own way.

From exploring the snowy areas of Fractured Peaks to delving deep into the Swamps of Hawezar, entering one of the regions for the first time will give you a new feeling that you haven’t felt in action RPG games before.

When you explore all the regions on any of your characters, the waypoint for the main city in every zone will become accessible to all your newly created characters. Also, any fog of war that is uncovered will also be uncovered on your alts.

In the rest of the guide, we will cover all the locations of Sanctuary.

Fractured Peaks

Fractured Peaks

The starting region is Fractured Peaks. The snowy Peaks have a gothic vibe to them with Cathedrals and Churches scouring the zone. While inside the Peaks, you will come across the Ice Clan and Marauders who are the dominant enemies within this zone in Sanctuary.

A crazy blizzard will always be scouring in the Fractured Peaks and the environment there is a bit sinister.



The second zone that you will venture into while roaming around Sanctuary is Scosglen. When navigating the land of the Druids, you should not tread lightly because it is infested with angry Tree giants, skeletons, and porcupines that really want to bring you down.

The environment in Scosglen is what you would expect in a beautiful yet dark forest.

Dry Steppes

Dry Steppes

Dry Steppes is the third location you will be exploring as you progress with your characters. This zone will bring shivers down your spine due to the fact that it is filled with Cannibals, Demons, and Phantoms.

When in Dry Steppes, make sure to take a break from the rocky terrain by visiting Ked Bardu which is the main city within this zone. To reach the Dry Steppes, you have to head west from Fractured Peaks, southwest from Scosglen, and north from Kehjistan.



This place is where you need to go to encounter the last boss in Act 6, and it is controlled by Cultists that manifest the whole region.

The biggest desert dune falls within those parts of Sanctuary, and navigating the Scouring Sands can prove to be difficulty because you won’t be able to see your map there, and you have to rely on your sense of direction to get yourself out of these dunes.



Hawezar is where the Tree of Whispers resides. Within these swamps, you will come across so many ghosts and skeletons. This is also where most of the main story will conclude before you have to head over to Caledeum and face the Mother.

The map of Sanctuary is huge, and discovering everything on your own could prove challenging. For this reason, the community has developed many Interactive map tools that can be found all over the internet. Here is one interactive map that you can use to make your journey through Sanctuary much easier.

That’s a quick brief on all the regions in Diablo 4. Now you know what to expect when visiting any zone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Diablo 4 Zones

How many zones are there in Diablo 4?

You can find five zones spread within Sanctuary.

Is there a level requirement for each zone in Diablo 4?

Yes, every zone has a specific level requirement, starting from level 1 all the way up to level 40.
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