Diablo 4: How to Transmog and Change Character Appearance

If you're looking to transmog in Diablo 4, then you might need to pay a visit to your Wardrobe.
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how to change character appearance - the wardrobe


  • You can change the way you look in Diablo 4 through the Wardrobe.
  • Changing gear does not change your transmog options.
  • You can unlock new transmogs by salvaging gear.

Changing character appearance in Diablo 4 is easy and convenient as all newly salvaged skins will be stored in the Wardrobe.

The Wardrobe can be identified by a closet symbol on the map, and the first Wardrobe can be found in the lodge of Kyovashad sitting right next to your stash. Moreover, you can find one in most major cities all over Sanctuary.

Transmog, or transmogrification is the process of changing the way a piece of your armor looks, and in this guide, we will go over how you can change your character appearance and unlock new styles.

How to transmog in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4 the process of transmogrification is made easy and convenient because every cosmetic you unlock will be stored in your Wardrobe. To change your character appearance, simply go to your Wardrobe and see all the different options that you have.

how to change character appearance - dye
Changing armor styles

When you access the wardrobe, the first step would be to select which armor piece you want to trasmog. Next, you need to select a design variant that you want to replace it with, and finally select a color from the list of predefined color palettes. This process can be done for every armor piece and every weapon that you have equipped.

If you equip a new piece of armor, your character’s transmogs will not be changed to the newly equipped armor unless you go back to the wardrobe and make the necessary changes.

The process is that simple, however, the transmog system has more to it than that. Once you have a character appearance that you are satisfied with, you can always save it as a preset, or “Ensembles” for future use. The first preset slot is free, and all the others you need will cost a small gold fee.

How to change character appearance

how to change character appearance - misc changes
Character appearance

Within the wardrobe menu, navigate to the Appearance tab and there you will have the option to change your character’s makeup, jewelry, and markings. You cannot change your gender and hairstyle after you have created your character.

Also, keep note that the changes you make in the Appearance tab do not get saved in the presets.

How to unlock new transmogs

To unlock new transmogs, you need to look for gear that says “Unlocks new look on salvage”, or ones that have a pickaxe icon located in the top right corner of the item thumbnail. You can check that by accessing your inventory and inspecting the item.

Once you find those pieces, just head over to the Blacksmith vendor and salvage the item. By doing that, you will automatically get that design added to your wardrobe, and some resources for salvaging it.

That’s everything you need to know about transmogs in Diablo 4. If you are on the hunt for new skins, you can try gambling your Murmuring Obols at the Purveyor of Curiosities, or conquering some strongholds.

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