Diablo 4: Cellars Explained

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Diablo 4 Cellars

Cellars in Diablo 4 are randomly generated mini instances that usually take up to two minutes, and sometimes even less. They consist of a single objective and are as big as one floor and one room only. They are spread all over Sanctuary, and completing them provides a chest that drops some nice goodies.

Diablo 4 Cellar Locations

As I mentioned before, they can be found all over the five regions of Sanctuary. There is a total of 130 Cellars in Diablo 4, and their locations are predefined, however, it is not always guaranteed that you will find one where it is supposed to be as the spawn rate is random.

Diablo 4 Cellar Locations
Locations via MapGenie.

Even though the image shows so many Cellars, you can’t see it on the map unless you actually get close to it, or if it is a Whisper. To identify a Cellar, simply look for the Cage icon on the mini-map. Once you get there, the entrance will be a cave highlighted in orange.

Cellars vs Dungeons

Cellars Example

Do not confuse Dungeons for Cellars because the latter resets whenever you access a new instance of the map, and they do not provide any Renown or fancy rewards like Legendary Aspects. You will also never fight a boss within Cellars, and the toughest enemies you will stumble upon are Elites.

Unlike Dungeons where you might have to maneuver over a huge hall completing multiple objectives and events, Cellars have only a single objective where you have to defeat some enemies, protect some NPCs, or survive for a short duration of time.

Completing the objective will complete the Cellar, and after collecting your reward, you can simply walk out of it, or use the “Leave Dungeon” function in the action wheel.

Cellar Rewards

Completing a Cellar will reward you with a chest that drops gold, material, and gear. Sometimes, they can be a Whisper. In other words, when it is highlighted in pink, completing it will provide one Grim Favor and in return contribute to getting rewards off of the Tree of Whispers.

Moreover, with the introductions of seasons and the Season Journey, players are given the option to complete 10 Cellars as part of a chapter within the Season Journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cellars in Diablo 4

Are Cellars worth it?

If you are doing it to complete a Whisper, then yes. Otherwise completing a Cellar is not worth the time.

Are Cellars Random?

Yes, Cellars are randomly generated instances.

Do Cellars give renown?

No, cellars do not give Renown.
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