Diablo 4: How to Level Up Fast

Leveling just got a lot easier, follow this guide to understand how you can level up fast.
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Diablo 4 How to Level Up Fast

Leveling up is mandatory if you want to unlock new world tiers and gain access to more challenging content. Diablo 4 has a maximum of 100 levels to go through, and when the game initially launched, one player named Rob2628 managed to hit that level within just 54 hours but this was done with an exploit as cited by GameRant.

Want to level up almost as fast as he did? Continue reading this guide to find out more.

How to level up fast in Diablo 4

To level up fast, you need to utilize all the features and mechanics that the game has to offer. This allows you to maximize the experience that you earn.

Realistically, it takes up to 150 hours to hit the max level, and that is only if you are doing everything perfectly. Here are 10 ways to get fast levels in Diablo 4.

Complete the campaign

Completing the main campaign is not just a matter of going through the story. You will get to know all the core mechanics of the game, and by the end of it, you will be around the level 45 mark.

During the story experience, you will probably hit some level walls though, and you can participate in other activities mentioned in this guide to proceed further.

Nevertheless, completing the campaign is a cornerstone to leveling up fast as you will get to know how the game works, and in return, complete future tasks faster.

Use Elixirs for increased experience gain

How to Level Up Fast - elixirs
Use Elixirs

Elixirs can be looted all over the world of Sanctuary or crafted through the Alchemist merchant, and they last for 30 minutes. Every elixir grants you a specific stat boost and is extremely helpful when you are closer to the endgame as the extra stats will start making a difference.

Apart from the extra stats, regardless of which elixir you use, you will gain an additional 5% experience gain for as long as the elixir is active which makes it important to level up fast.

Play the highest world tier

How to Level Up Fast - world tier
Play at Higher World Tiers

Diablo 4 offers world tiers, and this allows you to change the game’s difficulty as you level up. The higher the world tier, the more experience you gain. The first two tiers will be unlocked by default, but anything above that will have to be unlocked later down the line.

  • In World Tier 2, you gain 20% increased experience from slaying monsters.
  • In World Tier 3, you gain 100% increased experience from slaying monsters. (Recommended level 50-70)
  • In World Tier 4, you can 200% increased experience from slaying monsters. (Recommended level 70+)

So if you are up for a challenge, start the game with World Tier 2 to utilize the extra 20% experience boost, and when you hit level 50, directly complete the Cathedral of Light and unlock World Tier 3.

Complete side quests

Side quests are peppered all over Sanctuary, and you can carry a maximum of 20 quests at a time. I suggest you collect the quest whenever you see it, and do it whenever you happen to come across it.

This way, you have something to do wherever you go, and you can get experience, and renown by doing so.

Complete all Strongholds

Diablo 4 has a limited number of Strongholds, however, they reward you with a significant amount of experience. They have minimum level requirements, and the enemies there will always scale 2 levels above yours, which makes them a bit harder to complete.

Moreover, conquering them is more rewarding when you are above level 50 as leveling up becomes much slower at this point.

Kill every enemy that comes your way

The whole point of ARPGs is loot, and the best way to get loot (and experience) is by defeating enemies. So it doesn’t hurt to slay every single demon that you come across. This way you have a chance to get a legendary or unique item and a good chunk of experience as well.

One tip though is to avoid stopping to slay two or three enemies. Always aim for big packs because they reward you with much more experience, especially if there is an elite or two in there.

Collect all Renown rewards

How to Level Up Fast - Renown
Earn more Renown

The Renown system is a way to motivate you to explore the entirety of Sanctuary. Unlock waypoints, complete Strongholds, and much more to gain specific rewards. Within those rewards is a lot of bonus experience.

Every one of the Renown tiers will earn you some experience, and there are 5 tiers for every one of the five regions of Sanctuary. You can read more about this in our detailed Renown guide.

Grind dungeons repetitively, with friends

At level 50, you will unlock Nightmare Dungeons, and these are probably the fastest way to gain levels and experience.

Those dungeons have much more Elite and regular monster density, and completing them rewards you with new glyphs and allows you to upgrade your existing glyphs. This will allow you to progress even further in your Paragon board, and bonus points for the crazy experience that you get from every dungeon.

Doing this with friends is much better as you will gain an additional 10% experience boost by playing with a party, and a 5% boost by simply playing around other players.

Complete events

Stumbling upon events is not uncommon as they are found everywhere. Whenever you come across a world event, take the 5 minutes needed to complete it because the rewards outweigh the time.

Completing them will also reward you with Murmuring Obols, and this allows you to upgrade your gear even faster, kill enemies faster, and in return gain experience even faster.

Bonus (Seasonal Characters Only)

If you are playing a Seasonal Character, then you should consider upgrading the Urn of Aggression in the Seasonal Blessings which gives players an experience boost for slaying monsters for the remainder of the season.

Diablo 4 Leveling tips

Leveling up becomes substantially slower as you approach level 50, and to level up fast, you will need to do the same task over and over but in higher world tiers.

From levels 0 – 50

If you are leveling up your first character, then go through the campaign and you should be good to go. If this is not your first character, then you can simply go over all the regions one by one and complete events, sidequests, and Whispers for the Tree of Whispers.

From levels 50 – 70

As soon as you reach level 50, I recommend you complete the Cathedral of Light and proceed to world tier 3 for the additional 100% experience boost from slaying monsters. From there, you will need to find a Nightmare dungeon that you enjoy and that has a decent number of Elite monsters, and repeat that until you reach level 70.

Above level 70

When you hit level 70, you will need to complete the Fallen Temple capstone dungeon and unlock world tier 4 for the 200% experience boost from slaying monsters. Repeat the same thing you did in the levels 50 to 70 range and you will hit the max level in no time.

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