Diablo 4: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

This is the last Diablo 4 beginner's guide you will ever need.
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Diablo 4 Beginner's Guide

If you are just stepping into Diablo 4, then you’d best check out a beginner’s guide because the Mother’s Sanctuary is filled with demons and cannibals more than ever before. This action RPG has so much going on for it, so in this Beginner’s Guide, we will go over everything you need to know about the game.

Getting Started with Diablo 4

When you first download and boot up the game, you will be welcomed with the character screen. You will then be left with the question, which class should I play in Diablo 4? Well, we got you covered.

Picking a Class

Diablo 4 Beginner's Guide - Choosing a Class

The first thing you have to do is pick a class, and this is the most confusing thing that any video game fan can do, especially when there are so many options. As of May 2024, there are 5 classes that you can play and they are:

  • Druid
  • Rogue
  • Barbarian
  • Sorcerer
  • Necromancer

We can’t really make this decision for you, but choosing a class wisely could be your first step to success.

I picked a class, now Hardcore or Softcore?

Diablo 4 Beginner's Guide - Game Mode

Right off the bat if you are a new player in the genre then go for softcore. If you are more of a veteran and prefer the challenge, go for hardcore. This is only if you have a great connection, don’t face any power outages, and most importantly, don’t rage very easily.

All this is because in hardcore mode, when your character dies for whatever reason, then you will lose that character for good. If you want to read more about hardcore mode, then you can check out our dedicated Hardcore mode guide.

Should I play in the Seasonal or Eternal realm?

Diablo 4 Beginner's Guide - Which Realm

You select a game mode, now you are stuck between playing in the Seasonal realm or the Eternal realm. Well, I would recommend going for the seasonal one as it has more content for you to explore, and by the end of the season cycle, which is usually 3 months, your character will end up in the Eternal realm anyway.

Seasons introduce so many things like Season Blessings, Season Journies, a Battle Pass, and much more. Check out this Season 1 guide for example and see what you can expect in a Season.

World Tier 1 or 2?

In Diablo 4, the higher the world tier, the more rewards such as experience and gold you will get. Even though the difficulty gap between tiers 1 and 2 is not that great, If you are a total beginner and new to the ARPG genre, then go for World Tier 1, otherwise go with World Tier 2.

Later on in the game, you will get to unlock Worlds Tier 3 and 4, and this is where the game starts to get more difficult.

Let’s explore Sanctuary

Sanctuary is the main map in Diablo 4. It is the creation of both the Demon Lilith and Fallen Angel Inarius, the Demon and Archangel who had once fallen in love and wanted to create humanity and rid themselves of the Eternal Conflict. Within Sanctuary, you will get to explore the following regions:

Those 5 regions have completely different enemies, environments, things to explore, and much more. You can go into deep detail about all the regions in our dedicated regions guide.

To travel between those areas, you can always use the waypoints that are located all over, and to unlock a waypoint you have to walk to it, and actually interact with it before it becomes usable. You can find the locations of all waypoints in the link below.

Diablo 4: All Waypoint Locations

Game Mechanics

Before going further into the guide, let us go over some of the basics of Diablo 4.

After have checked those guides, you now know the basics of the game. Further down, we will cover how you can progress your character and the more advanced mechanics that can be explored.

Upgrading your potions

First, let us cover potion upgrades as this is the first kind of upgrade that you will do early on in the game. When you reach level 10, you have to upgrade your potion so that you can get more healing out of it. To do so, you have to visit the Alchemist.

You should also upgrade the number of potions that you can carry at a time.

Diablo 4: How to Upgrade Your Healing Potions

Now, let’s upgrade our gear

It wouldn’t be a Diablo 4 Beginner’s Guide if we didn’t go over gear progression. So, to progress in the game, you have to aim to increase the potential of your gear. If you think that simply finding a piece of armor and equipping it is all there is to it, then think again. The gearing system in Diablo 4 is extremely deep and we have dedicated guides for each part of it.

Here is a list of things you can go over to understand how you can upgrade every single piece of gear.

Apart from all those, there is one currency that can help you farm Legendary Gear, and it is Murmuring Obols. This is a currency that can be obtained by running events and is traded at a Purveyor of Curiosities which is a vendor located in most major cities.

Also, after reaching level 50, you will unlock the Paragon system which further improves your stats and allows you to boost your character’s potential.

The Bosses of Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Beginner's Guide - The Bosses

There are so many bosses that you will encounter in the game and they can be found anywhere, whether it is in a story quest, a dungeon, or even in the open world. Because there are so many, we have compiled this Diablo 4 Boss List, and in there, you will find a guide for every single boss that you will encounter in the game.

I completed the main story, now what?

Once you are done with the main story, then the game has just begun. This is because at this point you are probably within the levels 45-50 range and this is where leveling up becomes slower. For this reason, you can check out our how-to level-up fast guide which goes into deep detail about how to reach level 100 fast.

Your first priority would be to obtain all the Renown Rewards as they provide great benefits and are bound to your whole account. Moreover, activating all the Altars of Lilith and completing all the Strongholds is a good first step.

Apart from that, there are so many systems that can be utilized after completing the main story and they are the following:

Bonus mentions

Diablo 4: How to Transmog and Change Character Appearance

That’s a wrap on our Beginner’s Guide. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below.

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