Diablo 4: Battle Pass Guide

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Diablo 4 Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is a Seasonal system that allows you to earn additional cosmetic rewards as you progress into the Seasonal character. By slaying monsters and playing the game casually, you will automatically earn experience to progress your Battle Pass ranks. However, this does not apply to characters in the Eternal Realm.

This can be sped up with the help of the Season Journey which is another Seasonal system that rewards you with Favor. Even though speeding things up is not a priority as the Battle Pass will last for the whole 3 months of the season.

Diablo 4 Battle Pass versions

The Battle Pass in Diablo 4 has three versions, and they are as follows:

  • Free – Provides 27 base tiers.
  • Premium – Provides 63 additional tiers.
  • Accelerated – Whatever you get from Free and Premium + 20 tier skips.

It is good to note that the Premium and Accelerated Battle Pass will not reward players with any items that can make this system feel pay-to-win. Everything players get from the paid Passes is strictly Cosmetic and NOT pay to win. Knowing that, if you decide to purchase the Premium or Accelerated Pass after having unlocked anything above tier 27, then you will automatically get the locked rewards.

There is a unique currency within the Battle Pass called Smoldering Ashes which allows players to progress in the Seasonal Blessings system. This is a reward that players will get regardless if they are using the free or paid versions of the Pass.

Diablo 4 Battle Pass Reward Track

Diablo 4 Battle Pass Reward Track
Reward Track

There is a total of 90 tiers in the Battle Pass reward track, and the developers at Blizzard mentioned that players will need a total of 80 hours to complete them. This reward track will be different in every season, and in Season of the Malignant, which is season 1, players can get the Coldiron Armor set, Warded Mustang, and Coldiron Barding mounts.

To progress in your Pass tiers, you have to collect favor or purchase a tier by spending Platinum which is an in-game paid currency. Moreover, the Battle Pass progress is bound to account and not character, so all your characters will share the same progress.

Smoldering Ashes

Diablo 4 Battle Pass - Methods

As I previously mentioned, Smoldering Ashes is a currency that is used to upgrade the Season Blessings which is a system that helps players add permanent boosts to their seasonal characters. These boosts include things like experience gain and gold drops from slaying demons.

To avoid making the system pay to win, all Smoldering Ashes are earned from Free tiers, and the Premium Battle Pass DOES NOT give you any additional Ashes.


Favor is just a fancy word used for the experience required to progress in a Battle Pass tier. You cannot check how much Favor you have, but you can check how many you still need for the current tier by looking at the progress bar located under the tier icon.

You can earn Favor in the following ways:

  • Complete Season Journey objectives.
  • Complete Season Journey Chapters.
  • Slay demons all over Sanctuary.
  • Completing quests.
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