Diablo 4: Season 1 Guide

Season of the Malignant is upon us, here is everything you need to know about Season 1 in Diablo 4.
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Diablo 4 Season 1

Season 1 is here, and with it comes a bunch of new content that players can get their hands on as soon as they create a Seasonal character.

If you are looking to know more about season 1, then read further as this guide will cover the Season Quest, Theme, Journey, Blessings, and the Battle Pass.

Seasonal Quest

Diablo 4 Seasonal Quest
Seasonal Quest

The Season 1 quest contains 5 chapters. The purpose of this quest is to take you all over Sanctuary and introduce you to the entire season theme, which includes Malignant Hearts, Tunnels, and Invokers. The quest will also give players the chance to confront the seasonal boss, Varshan the Consumed for the first time.

As soon as you create your Seasonal character, Cormond will be waiting for you in Kyovashad. He can be seen with a green icon floating above his head. Interacting with him will begin the Malignant Journey where you will go all over Sanctuary trying to help Cormond, the former priest of the Cathedral of Light.

Season 1 Theme

The first season of Diablo 4 is named Season of the Malignant. The main concept behind this season is to defeat the new Malignant Monsters that fester Sanctuary. Slay those monsters to cage their hearts and use their powers for your own advantage.

Malignant & Caged Malignant Hearts

Diablo 4 Malignant Hearts
Malignant Hearts

Malignant Hearts are items similar to gems that can only be equipped in Jewelry items. There are different colored hearts to match different colored Jewelry sockets. The colors that can be found on Malignant Hearts are blue, orange, pink, and grey signifying Brutal, Vicious, Devious, and Wrathful respectively.

There is a total of 32 Malignant Hearts in season 1, and some of them can be used by all classes, whereas others are exclusive to a given class. Malignant Hearts cannot be traded, and they are obtained by slaying Malignant Monsters and caging their hearts by using the Cage of Binding, which is an item that is obtained shortly after starting the seasonal quest.

  • Find a Malignant Monster and slay him to expose his heart.
  • Interact with the Malignant Heart to bring out a stronger Elite.
  • Slay the second Malignant Monster to get their Caged Malignant Heart.

Place the Caged Malignant Heart in your Amulet and Rings to obtain build-changing powers.

Malignant Invokers

Malignant Invokers are used inside Malignant Tunnels to summon Malignant Monsters. Take one of the Invokers to the end of a Malignant Tunnel and use it to Invoke an Outgrowth that matches the color of the Invoker. After you do that, a Malignant Monster will be summoned, and defeating it will reward you with a Caged Malignant Heart.

Varshan the Consumed

Diablo 4 Varshan the Consumed
Varshan the Consumed

Varshan the Consumed is the new boss we get to encounter in Season 1. You fight her once with Cormond during the seasonal quest line. Players get to fight a more difficult version of this boss called Echo of Varshan which can be summoned by using an Invoker of Varshan on a Monstrous Outgrowth.

Defeating this boss will reward you with two Caged Malignant Hearts, and you can find her in a secret room located at the end of a Malignant Tunnel.

Season 1: Season Journey

Season Journey is a system that allows players to obtain rewards such as Legendary Aspects and Favor by completing objectives. In Season 1, there is a total of 7 chapters in the Season Journey, and each chapter has a specific number of objectives that have to be completed.

Season 1: Season Blessings

Season Blessings is a system that gives players bonus stats to all the seasonal characters within an account. To obtain those bonuses, players must earn Smoldering Ashes which is a currency that can only be obtained from the Free Tiers of the Battle Pass, and place them inside Urns that can be located in the Season Blessings menu.

The following Blessings are available in Season 1:

  • Boost to experience earned from monster kills.
  • Boost to the amount of gold earned from vendor sales.
  • Boost to chance of rare materials from salvage.
  • Boost to the duration of all Elixirs.
  • Boost to the chance of Powerful Malignant Heart drops. Hearts drop after completing the campaign.

Every Blessing will have 4 ranks, and each one will require a specific number of Smoldering Ashes to upgrade.

Season 1: Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is a system that allows players to earn rewards as they complete chapters within the Season Journey and participate in day-to-day activities all around Sanctuary. In Season 1, there is a total of 90 Tiers in the Battle Pass, 27 of them being Free and the other 63 being locked behind the Premium Battle Pass.

To progress in the Battle Pass, players must collect Favor, which is a currency that can be obtained by completing Season Journey objectives and chapters.

Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards and Benefits

Tier Pass version Rewards Type
1 Premium Warded Mustang mount & Coldiron Barding Mount armor
2 Free Artisan’s Tunic Chest transmog (All Classes)
3 Premium Coldiron Vessel Focus transmog (Sorcerer)
4 Premium Heartglow Lantern Mount trophy
5 Free Balanced Sword One-handed sword transmog (Barbarian, Rogue and Necromancers)
6 Premium Strength Test Emote (Barbarian)
7 Premium Coldiron Sagaris One-handed axe transmog (Druid and Barbarian)
8 Free Smoldering Ashes (1x) Currency
9 Premium Coldiron Aegis Shield transmog (Necromancer)
10 Premium Coldiron Hauberk Chest transmog (All Classes)
11 Premium Coldiron Jambiya Dagger transmog (Sorcerer, Necromancer and Rogue)
12 Free Artisan’s Knickers Legs transmog (All Classes)
13 Premium Lurking Title prefix (All Classes)
14 Premium Platinum (60x) Currency
15 Free Balanced Axe One-handed axe transmog (Barbarian and Druid)
16 Premium Survivor Title suffix
17 Premium Watch Those Fingers! Emote (Druid)
18 Free Smoldering Ashes (1x) Currency
19 Premium Coldiron Shear One-handed scythe transmog (Necromancer)
20 Premium Colridon Breeches Legs transmog (All Classes)
21 Premium Coldiron Lamina Totem transmog (Druid)
22 Free Smoldering Ashes (1x) Currency
23 Free Artisan’s Boots Feet transmog (All Classes)
24 Premium Platinum (60x) Currency
25 Free Balanced Dagger Dagger transmog (Necromancer, Rogue and Sorcerer)
26 Premium Coldiron Headsman Two-handed axe Transmog (Barbarian and Druid)
27 Premium Karamat’s Bane Mount trophy (All Classes)
28 Free Smoldering Ashes (1x) Currency
29 Premium Cage Puppetry Emote (Necromancer)
30 Premium Coldiron Bracers Arms transmog (All Classes)
31 Premium Coldiron Recurve Bow transmog (Rogue)
32 Free Smoldering Ashes (1x) Currency
33 Premium Coldiron Greaves Feet transmog (All Classes)
34 Premium Platinum (60x) Currency
35 Free Balanced Mace One-handed club transmog (Barbarian and Druid)
36 Free Artisan’s Bracers Hands transmog (All Classes)
37 Premium Dagger Tap Emote (Rogue)
38 Free Smoldering Ashes (1x) Currency
39 Premium Coldiron Bastard Sword Two-handed sword transmog (Barbarian and Necromancer)
40 Premium Coldiron Casque Head transmog (All Classes)
41 Premium Thoughtful Examination Emote (Sorcerer)
42 Free Balanced Wand Wand transmog (Necromancer and Sorcerer)
43 Premium Platinum (60x) Currency
44 Premium I Will End You! Emote (Barbarian)
45 Free Banner of the Malignant Mount trophy
46 Premium Platinum (60x) Currency
47 Premium Talisman of the Cage Mount trophy
48 Free Smoldering Ashes (2x) Currency
49 Free Eldritch Title prefix
50 Premium Awoken Coldiron Bracers Hands transmog (All Classes)
51 Premium Coldiron Estoc One-handed sword transmog (Barbarian, Necromancer, and Rogue)
52 Free Smoldering Ashes (1x) Currency
53 Premium You Will Die! Emote (Druid)
54 Premium Platinum (60x) Currency
55 Premium Malignant Censer Mount trophy
56 Premium Platinum (60x) Currency
57 Premium Gilded Coldiron Pillar Staff transmog (Sorcerer)
58 Free Smoldering Ashes (1x) Currency
59 Premium Malevolent Title prefix
60 Premium Awoken Coldiron Greaves Feet transmog (All Classes)
61 Premium Coldiron Simulacra Focus transmog (Sorcerer)
62 Free Smoldering Ashes (1x) Currency
63 Premium Worm Title Suffix
64 Premium Platinum (60x) Currency
65 Premium Heartglow Brazier Mount trophy
66 Premium Gilded Coldiron Crozier Staff transmog (Druid)
67 Premium Platinum (60x) Currency
68 Free Smoldering Ashes (1x) Currency
69 Premium I Will Rip Your Soul Apart! Emote (Necromancer)
70 Premium Awoken Coldiron Breeches Legs transmog (All classes)
71 Premium Coldiron Maul Two-handed hammer transmog (Barbarian, and Druid)
72 Free Smoldering Ashes (1x) Currency
73 Premium Hero Overwhelmed Headstone All Classes
74 Premium Platinum (60x) Currency
75 Premium Artisan’s Headwrap Head transmog (All classes)
76 Premium Gilded Coldiron Guillotine Two-handed scythe transmog (Necormancer)
77 Free Smoldering Ashes (1x) Currency
78 Free Monster Title Suffix
79 Premium Die! Emote (Rogue)
80 Premium Awoken Coldiron Hauberk Chest transmog (All classes)
81 Premium Coldiron Cudgel One-handed club transmog (Barbarian and Druid)
82 Free Smoldering Ashes (2x) Currency
83 Premium Gilded Coldiron Arbalest Crossbow transmog (Rogue)
84 Premium Platinum (66x) Currency
85 Premium Coldiron Rod Wand transmog (Necromancer and Sorcerer)
86 Premium Prepare For Oblivion! Emote (Sorcerer)
87 Premium Gilded Coldiron Poleaxe Polearm transmog (Barbarian)
88 Free Smoldering Ashes (3x) Currency
89 Premium Awoken Coldiron Casque Head transmog (All Classes)
90 Premium Awoken Warded Mustang and Awoken Coldiron Barding Mount armor

That’s all you need to know about Season 1 in Diablo 4. We will surely be adding a similar guide on Season 2 once it goes live.

Frequently Asked Questions about Diablo 4 Season 1

When will Season 1 start?

The first season of Diablo 4 goes live on July 20, 2023 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET.

When will Season 1 end?

The Season lasts for 12 weeks and ends on October 9, 2023.

Is Season 1 free?

Yes, season 1 in Diablo 4 is free.
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