Diablo 4: Renown Rewards in a Nutshell

Exploring Sanctuary casually will earn you Renown Points, and in return, a lot of rewards. Here is a complete overview over this system.
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Diablo 4 Renown Rewards

The Renown system is a way to unlock benefits across all your characters by simply exploring everything that Sanctuary has to offer. In other words, if you explore a new area, unlock a new waypoint, or even complete a side quest, you will earn Renown points and eventually rewards.

Each region has its own Renown progress, and this means that whatever you explore in a specific region will only contribute to and unlock the rewards of this region.

To unlock the track for every region, you must explore at least one part of it, whether it is Dry Steppes, The Fractured Peaks, Hawezar, Kehjistan, or Scosglen.

Further in this guide, we will explore how this system works, and what are the different character-specific and realm-specific rewards.

Renown system rewards

Renown Rewards

There are three main points that you have to know when looking at the menu.

  • The second line of rewards is shared across all your characters in all realms. This means if you earned enough Renown on one character across all 5 regions, then all your characters will get +10 Skill points, +5 Potion Capacity, +400 Max Obols, and +20 Paragon points, even if they are level 1. Keep note that these rewards are only unlockable once.
  • Levels 4 and 5 require you to have World Tier 3 unlocked.
  • The first line of rewards is given to every character individually.

The rewards you get from every region are explained in the table below. Those rewards can be earned 5 times, once for every region.

Level Renown required Character-wide rewards Account-wide rewards
Level 1 200
  • Bonus experience
  • 3,000 gold
+1 skill point
Level 2 500
  • Bonus experience
  • 10,000 gold
+1 Potion Capacity
Level 3 800
  • Bonus experience
  • 25,000 gold
+1 Skill Point
Level 4 1100
  • Bonus experience
  • 60,000 gold
+80 Max Murmuring Obols
Level 5 1500
  • Bonus experience
  • 125,000 gold
+4 Paragon Points

The main benefit of this system is the rewards that you get across all your characters. This will make leveling up alts much easier than the first time around due to the additional potions, skill points, and Paragon Points that you will get, even at level 1.

How to earn Renown in Diablo 4

I mentioned previously that you can earn points by exploring Sanctuary, and this is totally true but let us dig deeper into what kind of activities contribute to that system.

There are six things you can do to earn Renown points, and some will give you more points than others due to their difficulty and scarcity.

Activity Renown earned
Waypoints 20
Strongholds 100
Side quests 20
Areas Discovered 5
Side Dungeons 30
Altars of Lilith 10

As you can see, the most points you can earn are through completing Strongholds, but the catch here is that there are only 15 Strongolds in all Sanctuary, and that is 3 in every region.

Renown in Season 2 and beyond

With Season of the Blood’s release, players no longer have to work on getting the Renown rewards on all their characters. Once you earn them on any of your characters, then any existing or future character that you create, on either the Eternal or Seasonal realm, will get those rewards.

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