Diablo 4: How to Defeat Karum, Hound of Hatred [Boss Guide]

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Karum Hound of Hatred

When going down to the Gates of Hell, you will stumble upon multiple bosses, and the first one would be Karum, Hound of Hatred. This guy is ruthless, and he is one of the stronger Demon Lords that you come across in the game.

In this guide, we will go over how to defeat Karum, Hound of Hatred, where to find him, and some strategies to help make this fight easier.

Diablo 4 Karum, Hound of Hatred location

Karum, Hound of Hatred is located in The Desolation Fields, which is a zone that you will come across while going down to Hell to confront Lilith. To get to The Desolation fields though, you have to enter the Gates of Hell which are located in Caldeum, a zone west of Kehjistan.

How To Defeat Karum, Hound of Hatred in Diablo 4

To defeat Karum, Hound of Hatred, you have to avoid his Meteor Shower attack as it can hurt quite a bit. Moreover, save your dodge for when he pulls you into an explosive circle. A good strategy would be to use fire resistance Elixirs when fighting this demon lord.

Karum - Donan Circles

You will also notice throughout the fight that Donan will be placing small purple circles on the ground. If the boss passes by them, he will become vulnerable, so try leading Karum into the circles, and then using your burst skills.

Karum’s abilities

This boss has three abilities that you have to watch out for, and they are all fire-based abilities, here is a list of Karum’s abilities.

Karum Meteor Shower
Meteor Shower

Ability 1 – Meteor Shower: It will constantly be raining Meteors throughout the fight. All you have to do is avoid being hit by them because the good news is that they don’t leave a trail of fire behind them. However, the meteor density is quite a lot, so you will have to constantly be moving around.

Ability 2 – Pull into Explosion: Karum will randomly cast a line on you which you can see in the image above, and then pull you into a dark red circle that will explode in literally one second. Try saving your dodges for that moment, or carry a gap closer ability like the Sorcerer’s Teleport.

Karum Fire Projectiles
Fire Projectiles

Ability 3 – Fire Projectiles: Just like any of the Elites that you have already stumbled upon in the game, The Hound of Hatred will shoot three fire projectiles in three linear directions every once in a while throughout the whole fight. Just keep an eye on the boss to know in which direction the arrows will go.

Diablo 4 Karum, Hound of Hatred rewards

When you defeat Karum in Diablo 4, you will get at least one rare item and one magic item. This is not much considering that you are already in the sixth Act of the game, but you will be happy to know that the bosses further down in Hell will reward you with better loot.

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