About Us

Welcome to xGuiders.

We are a group of gamers who strive to deliver quality content for video games that you like. As of now, xGuiders is run by a group of two passionate gamers, and our goal is to provide as many high-quality guides, tier lists, and updates for everyone who is looking for it.

We spend countless hours trying to figure out puzzles, boss mechanics, and other game features so you don’t have to worry about having that hard time, and can just skip to the fun part.

Our Mission & Goal

As a small group, our mission is to rise through the ranks and be among the top gaming publishers. We believe that the only way to do that is by delivering people-first content. We can only succeed by keeping our visitors happy, and if you are happy then so are we.

We aim to turn this website into something bigger than what it currently is. We would love to sit and talk with the biggest video gaming publishers in the industry, so this is the plan.

Our Background

We would like to introduce you to ourselves. We are Abed and Neha. A duo who loves video gaming, and is skilled enough to take care of a website from scratch, and this means development, SEO, content writing, and everything in between. So in 2023, we decided to start our own blogging website to deliver to our visitors the content that we already love and enjoy, and that is video games.

Why trust xGuiders

At xGuiders, we believe in attention to detail, and since we need you to trust our video game guides, we spend thousands of hours playing a game multiple times just to provide you with accurate information. Even if we defeated a specific boss or went through a specific puzzle once and twice, we take our due diligence and do more research to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

We are Original

The internet is an extremely saturated place, but it is also a fact that more than 25% of the content on the internet is recycled. This does not pass by us on xGuiders. We believe in providing high-quality, and original content to all our visitors to provide the best experience possible. This is exactly why we actually play the games ourselves before posting anything about them.

All images, screenshots, and guide videos published on this website are actually taken from our playthroughs of whichever game you are reading about.

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