Diablo 4: What are Capstone Dungeons

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Diablo 4 Capstone Dungeons

If you are playing Diablo 4, then you probably heard the term “Capstone Dungeon”, but are clueless as to what they are. I was in the same situation before, and I figured I would write a guide about Capstone Dungeons, how many there are in the game, and what you will achieve by completing them.

What is a Diablo 4 Capstone Dungeon

Capstone Dungeons are challenging endgame content that can be unlocked after reaching certain milestones in the game. These dungeons set a test to your skills and build in order to prepare you for higher world tiers that feature harder enemies and better rewards.

How many Capstone Dungeons are in Diablo 4

Capstone Dungeons

Currently, there are 3 Capstone dungeons:

  • Cathedral of Light (Level 50)
  • Fallen Temple (Level 70)
  • Echo of Hatred (Level 100)

Cathedral of Light

The first one will be unlocked after you complete the Epilogue and all 6 acts of the main story. You will get a Priority quest that asks you to complete the Cathedral of Light, a level 50 dungeon that is located just north of the Statue of Inarius in Kyovashad. Completing it will unlock World Tier 3 which features harder monsters and access to better gear and more rewards.

Fallen Temple

The second Capstone dungeon, Fallen Temple, is unlocked right after you change your World Tier to Tier 3. The recommended level for this dungeon is 70, and unlike the first one, the Fallen Temple is much harder and you will get to fight a much stronger version of Elias yet again. You can find the Fallen Temple on the southeastern side of Dry Steppes.

Echo of Hatred

The last Dungeon, Echo of Hatred, is a Capstone dungeon where you get to fight the Echo of Lilith who is capped at level 100.

Once you reach level 90 in world tier 4, you will unlock the priority quest called “Capstone Dungeon: Echo of Hatred” which will ask you to head to a chapel in Nevesk and confront Echo of Lilith, or as the community calls her, “Uber Lilith”. Keep note that you can access this dungeon as soon as you enter World Tier 4.

All three dungeons will have their levels capped at 50, 70, and 100 respectively. This means that the enemies will not scale to your level and they will be at the same level as the dungeon. This will require you to actually enter the dungeon with a strategy in mind. You can’t just make your way to the boss room like other dungeons and call it a day. The monsters in those dungeons are difficult to beat and hit like a truck, so entering with a good build is a wise decision.

Capstone Dungeon Rewards

Apart from the extra rewards that you will ultimately get by moving to a higher world tier, each dungeon will reward you with gold, at least 2 legendary items, and 2 rare items.

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