Diablo 4: How to Upgrade Your Healing Potions

You can upgrade your healing potions eight times, here is how.
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Diablo 4 How to Upgrade Healing Potions

When you start a fresh account in Diablo 4, you will begin with only four healing potions. However, this number can be increased, and the healing power of a potion can be upgraded as well. You can have a maximum of nine potions, and you can upgrade them up to eight times.

This article is a step-by-step guide to upgrading your healing potions in Diablo 4.

How to upgrade healing potions

Diablo 4 Alchemist Icon
Alchemist Icon

To upgrade your potions, you must find the Alchemist which is located in most cities in Sanctuary. If you don’t feel like looking for one, then you can always visit Veroka in Kyovashad as this is the first town you explore, and it happens to have an Alchemist.

You can identify an alchemist on the map by looking for the mortar and pestle icon as you can see in the image above.

Potion upgrade cost and materials

Diablo 4 Alchemist Potion Upgrades
Potion Upgrades

Once you get to the Alchemist, you will interact with them and see that you have eight upgrades that span between levels 10 and 90.

You can upgrade your potions every ten levels, starting from level 10. The exception is level 30, and level 45 where you will need fifteen levels to get to the next upgrade.

After you reach level 10, a Priority Quest will pop up on your screen that guides you to the Alchemist and asks you to upgrade your first potion.

To upgrade your healing potions, you will need the following materials:

Potion Unlock level Required material Effect
Tiny Healing Potion 10 2x Gallowvine Restores 48 life instantly and 35% over 3 seconds
Minor Healing Potion 20 5x Biteberry, 15x Gallowvine Restores 80 life instantly and 35% over 3 seconds
Light Healing Potion 30 20x Gallowvine, 10x Biteberry, 5x Crushed Beast Bone Restores 141 life instantly and 35% over 3 seconds
Moderate Healing Potion 45 20x Gallowvine, 5x Demon’s Heart, 12x Howler Moss Restores 255 life instantly and 35% over 3 seconds
Strong Healing Potion 60 27x Gallowvine, 15x Reddamine, 5x Pale Tongue Restores 378 life instantly and 35%  over 3 seconds
Greater Healing Potion 70 36x Blightshade, 18x Lifesbane, 5x Grave Dust, 5x Angelbreath Restores 579 life instantly and 35% over 3 seconds
Major Healing Potion 80 10x Angelbreath, 27x Reddamine, 27x Biteberry, 27x Blightshade, 27x Lifesbane, 27x Howler Moss, 5x Fiend Rose Restores 827 life instantly and 35% over 3 seconds
Superior Healing Potion 90 10x Forgotten Soul, 20x Angelbreath, 10x Fiend Rose, 20x Grave Dust, 36x Blightshade, 20x Demon’s Heart, 36x Howler Moss Restores 1,274 life instantly and 35% over 3 seconds

This is a lot of material just to upgrade your potions. The good news is that you can simply collect them all as you casually play the game. My advice would be to collect as many materials as you can while playing in the early stages just so you don’t have to actually farm the materials once you get to the required level for a healing potion upgrade.

If you haven’t upgraded your potions to the max level yet, always keep an eye on those resources when hunting demons throughout Sanctuary:

  • Howler moss
  • Lifesbane
  • Paletongue
  • Gallowvine
  • Reddamine
  • Grave dust
  • Biteberry
  • Blightshade

When you have an upgrade ready, you will get a notification on the healing potion icon as shown in the below image.

potion upgrade notification
Potion upgrade notification

How to increase potion capacity

To increase your healing potion capacity, you need to earn 700 Renown to unlock the second level of Renown rewards. This can be done five times, once in every region of Sanctuary. By doing so, you would be increasing the healing potions that you can pick up from four to nine.

Once you have increased the capacity on one of your characters, all your other characters will get that increase as well.

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