Diablo 4: Temple of Rot Stronghold Location, Rewards, and How to Conquer it

Learn how to complete the Temple of Rot Stronghold in Diablo 4 with ease.
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Temple of Rot Stronghold Walkthrough

The Temple of Rot is a Stronghold in Diablo 4 that is infested by Cannibals, bugs, and bandits. It is one of the three Strongholds located in Dry Steppes, and it is your job to go in, defeat all the Cannibals, the boss Molqarth and rekindle the Wanderer’s Shrine.

This guide will go over how to complete the Temple of Rot, its location, and its rewards. Before we begin though, it is recommended that you are at least level 35 before you take on this Stronghold, as this is the entry level for this Stronghold.

Temple of Rot Stronghold location

Temple of Rot Location

Temple of Rot is located on the southern side of Dry Steppes, just east of the Fields of Hatred and south of The Onyx Watchtower. To get there, take the Jirandai waypoint in the Untamed Scarps, and head north. There are three entrances to the Stronghold and the best one to take would be the southeastern one because the first objective is closest to this entrance.

How to complete Temple of Rot in Diablo 4

Temple of Rot Objectives

To complete the Temple of Rot Stronghold, you have to defeat all four Cannibal Champions who are situated all over the temple, defeat Molqarth, The Hungerer, and then rekindle the Wanderer’s Shrine.

It is recommended that you take on the Cannibals one by one as they are Elites, and can be pretty hard to defeat and they hit like a truck.

The first champion would be Bostar, The Breaker who is situated just above the southern entrance. Defeat him, then head over to the courtyard in the temple which is located on the southwestern front, and defeat the second Cannibal, Arden, the Ravenous.

Throughout the temple, you will find Bound Prisoners. If you free them, they will give you a health potion, so use that to your advantage.

Make your way back inside the temple to defeat Corpse Spawn, Child of the Devourer. Be careful though, because this guy is located just next to the last Champion, Razorface, The Carrion Zealot. So try keeping the fight controlled by not taking them both on at the same time.

Temple of Rot Objectives 2

Once you are done with defeating all the Champions, start by making your way to Molqarth, who is the final boss in the Temple of Rot. Be careful though, because his chamber will be protected by three Elites.

How to defeat Molqarth, The Hungerer

To defeat Molqarth, you have to dodge two of his main abilities, the Slam and the Poison Pools. His basic attack doesn’t hurt too much, so you don’t have to worry about that.

This boss has two phases, the first one being Molqarth himself, and the second phase would be a second boss called the Spawn of Molqarth who is a bug that uses its Scythe-looking hands to deal damage. Here are the abilities that you have to look out for.

Molqarth the Hungerer - Slam

Ability 1 – Slam: Molqarth, The Hungerer will slam his maces on the ground causing two shockwaves that go in two linear directions. You can stand in the center of both shockwaves to avoid getting hit by them, or simply dodge behind the boss to avoid getting hit.

Ability 2 – Poison Pools: Every other time, the boss will run to the corner of the map, and consume the eggs that are there. He will then throw a bunch of poison pools that will stay on the map for a short duration of time. Try moving around them, and not stepping on them as you will be dealt damage over time if you do.

After defeating Molqarth, a bug will come out of him and act as a different boss but with similar abilities with the exception to one.

Ability 3 – Leap: The Spawn of Molqarth will constantly jump forward knocking you back and dealing damage. Just try chasing him and closing the gap every time he does that move.

Once you defeat both bosses, make your way to the Wanderer’s Shrine, rekindle it, and you will conquer the Temple of Rot.

Temple of Rot Rewards

Completing the Temple of Rot will reward you with 100 Renown, a lot of experience, and the loot that drops from the boss. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting any new vendors or a waypoint, but you can find an Altar of Lilith that gives you +1 Paragon Point on the northern side of the Stronghold.

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