Diablo 4: The Onyx Watchtower Stronghold Location, Rewards, and How to Conquer it

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Diablo 4 The Onyx Watchtower

While venturing through Sanctuary, you will come across so many Strongholds. The Onyx Watchtower is one of them, but it is a bit different. Other Strongholds are usually straightforward, however, this one requires players to defeat some lieutenants in a particular order.

The good thing is that this guide covers how to complete The Onyx Watchtower, where it is located, and what rewards you can expect from it.

Before we begin, I recommend that you are at least level 20 before taking on The Onyx Watchtower as enemies start at this level.

Diablo 4 The Onyx Watchtower Stronghold location

The Onyx Watchtower Location
Location (Source: Mapgenie)

The Onyx Watchtower is located in the Dry Steppes along with two other Strongholds, Ruins of Qara-Yisu and Temple of Rot.

To get there take the Fate’s Retreat waypoint which is located in the Chambatar Ridge region just east of the Stronghold.

How to complete The Onyx Watchtower Stronghold in Diablo 4

The Onyx Watchtower - Objectives

To complete The Onyx Watchtower Stronghold, you have to purge the bandits and raze their encampment. Then you have to head over to the central platform to defeat Captain Ezmin.

To do all that, locate and destroy bandit supply carts, wooden posts, bandit camps, caged beasts, and most importantly, the three lieutenants of Captain Ezmin. Those lieutenants are Elites that can be found on each corner of the map as you can see in the image above.

The first lieutenant you have to fight is Crocus the Greedy who is located on the western side of the Stronghold. Once he is defeated, he will drop the Storeroom Key which you should use to unlock the gate to the east where the second lieutenant will be waiting.

After defeating enough bandits, and destroying enough of their supplies, Captain Ezmin will come out of hiding. Defeat this boss to be able to finally conquer The Onyx Watchtower. Further down in the guide, we will cover how to defeat Captain Ezmin by going over the mechanics and abilities.

How To Beat Captain Ezmin In The Onyx Watchtower Stronghold

Captain Ezmin
Captain Ezmin

After fending off all the bandits on the outskirts of the watchtower, you will have to go meet Captain Ezmin who is located in the center platform of the Stronghold.

Diablo 4 Captain Ezmin’s abilities

Defeating this boss is pretty easy as you have to avoid being hit by one attack only. Here is a list of attacks that Captain Ezmin has.

Captain Ezmin Bombardment

Ability 1 – Bombardment: From the beginning of the fight, Captin Ezmin will call for bombardment support. Simply avoid touching the big red circles that show up on the map to avoid getting hit.

After the bombs make contact with the ground, there will be a big circle of fire and smoke that will burn and render your character blind if you come in contact with it.

Captain Ezmin Summoning and invisibility
Summoning and invisibility

Ability 2 – Invisibility: Captain Ezmin will go invisible every once in a while, but if you look closely, you will be able to see him very easily. Dealing with damage to the boss while he is invisible will make him visible again.

Ability 3 – Summoning: Throughout the whole fight, bandits will come to help Captain Ezmin. The best strategy here is the defeat them while the boss is invisible.

The Onyx Watchtower Stronghold Rewards

Completing The Onyx Watchtower will reward you with 100 renown points, and a lot of experience, gold, and armor loot from the boss fight.

The Onyx Watchtower Stronghold Rewards

Moreover, conquering The Onyx Watchtower will unlock the following:

  • Onyx Hold dungeon
  • Multiple side quests
  • Different merchants like a Blacksmith, an Armor vendor, and more.
  • An Altar of Lilith that can be accessed at the southwestern part of the stronghold.
  • A new waypoint
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