Diablo 4: All Waypoint Locations

Would you rather run, use a horse or teleport? We choose the latter. Here is a list of all waypoints available in Diablo 4.
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Diablo 4 Waypoints

Waypoints are a key mechanic in Diablo IV that allows you to traverse through Sanctuary without having to spend all your time running around. They also work a bit differently from other games because they also include one feature that allows you to travel back to where you took the waypoint from.

This guide will go over everything you need to know about Waypoints in Diablo 4 including all their locations and how they work.

How Diablo 4 Waypoints Work

Waypoints are used to teleport between key locations. To unlock a waypoint, you have to go to its location on the map and interact with it once. Simply walking past it will not unlock it, and you won’t be able to use it.

Waypoints also leave a portal that allows you to go back to where you teleported from. Those portals will disappear if you leave the town that you teleported to, or if you changed your World Tier while the portal is active. This mechanic can be useful if you want to clean your inventory while in a dungeon, and then go back and continue exactly where you left off.

Finally, waypoints are connected to the Renown system, and to be able to earn all the rewards from that system, you will need to unlock them in all regions.

If you have already unlocked all the waypoints on one of your characters, any future characters that you create will have the ones in the major cities already unlocked.

All Waypoint Locations in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 has 35 waypoints split between six to eight in each of the five regions of Sanctuary. Some of them are locked behind the story, and others need you to complete certain Strongholds before you can actually explore them.

Waypoints in The Fractured Peaks

fractured peaks waypoints
Fractured Peaks

The Fractured Peaks is the first region you will explore in Diablo 4, and the first town Kyovashad exists here as well. This region has seven waypoints that you can unlock with one of them being locked behind a Stronghold.

Waypoint Unlock condition
Menestad No conditions
Nostrava Complete the Nostrava (Lv. 18+) Stronghold
Nevesk No conditions
Margrave No conditions
Yelesna No conditions
Kyovashad No conditions
Bear Tribe Refuge No conditions

Waypoints in Kehjistan

kehjistan waypoints

Kehjistan is a place you will visit a lot once you reach Act 6 in the main story. Most waypoints located on the western side of this region can be explored simultaneously with the main quest. I recommend that you are at least level 38 before you start exploring that area.

You have 6 waypoints to explore in Kehjistan, with one of them being locked behind a Stronghold.

Waypoint Unlock condition
wayAltar of Ruin Complete the Altar of Ruin (Lv. 48+) Stronghold
Iron Wolves Encampment No conditions
Imperial Library Explored as you reach Act 6 of the main story.
Gea Kul No conditions
Denshar No conditions
Tarsarak No conditions

Waypoints in Scosglen

Scosglen Waypoints

Scosglen is one of the larger areas in terms of space in Diablo 4. Here you will have 8 waypoints to unlock, and 2 of them are barred behind Strongholds.

Waypoint Unlock condition
Marowen No conditions
Túr Dúlra Complete the Túr Dúlra (Lv. 30) Stronghold
Firebreak Manor No conditions
Cerrigar No conditions
Braestaig No conditions
Corbach Complete the Moordaine Lodge Stronghold
Tirmair No conditions
Under the Fat Goose Inn No conditions

Waypoints in the Dry Steppes

dry steppes waypoints
Dry Steppes

Dry Steppes is the region located on the western side of Sanctuary, and it has one of the PvP zones located in it. There is a total of 8 waypoints there, and 2 of them are locked behind Strongholds. One waypoint “Alzuuda” is located in the Fields of Hatred, where all hell breaks lose and players can fight each other in PvP combat.

Waypoint Unlock condition
Farobru No conditions
Fate’s Retreat No Conditions
Ked Bardu No conditions
The Onyx Watchtower Complete The Onyx Watchtower Stronghold
Hidden Overlook No conditions
Ruins of Qara-Yisu Complete the Ruins of Qara-Yisu Stronghold
Jirandai No conditions
Alzuuda No conditions, but I recommend you only come here after level 50 as it is located in a PvP zone

Waypoints in Hawezar

hawezar waypoints

Waypoints in Hawezar are a bit tricky as the region requires you to be level 35 or more, and some of them are technically locked behind your progress in the main story. You can find 6 waypoints in this area, and 1 of them is locked behind a Stronghold.

Waypoint Unlock condition
The Tree of Whispers Act 5 of the main story will bring you here
Wejinhani No conditions
Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court The main story will get you here, however, if you want to unlock this before you reach this point in the story, then you have to climb the walls on the east side of the fort.
Vyeresz Complete the Vyeresz Stronghold
Backwater No conditions
Zarbinzet No conditions

That’s a wrap, make sure to check this guide whenever a new Diablo 4 region patch comes out as we will be updating the waypoints whenever new ones show up.

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