Diablo 4: Shrines Explained

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Diablo 4 Shrines

Shrines are monoliths scattered wherever you can find demons of Lilith. If you have crossed level 10, then without a doubt, you have come across one of them.

You may wonder how can they be used though. Well, in this guide we will cover what are Shrines, how can they be used, and what kind of effects they provide.

How to use Shrines in Diablo 4

To use a Shrine, players have to actually activate it by simply interacting with it. As soon as it gets activated, the buff will be applied and it will last for 30 seconds. However, keep note that Shrine effects don’t stack, and activating another Shrine will override the effect of the existing one.

If you are in a party, every party member must interact with the Shrine to get its buffs as it does not apply to the whole party if just one player grabs it.

Shrine Effects

There is a total of 6 unique effects, and they all share one thing in common. Every Shrine will provide a 35% Movement Speed boost plus a unique effect.

Shrine Buff
Artillery Shrine Your Attack Speed is increased, and all attacks summon holy arrows.
Blast Wave Shrine Explosions will start appearing near you every other second dealing a lot of damage to all surrounding enemies.
Channeling Shrine All skills will cost zero resources and have their cooldowns reduced significantly.
Conduit Shrine Turns you into a Ball of Lightning, and all your skills will become an electric shock that teleports you to enemies dealing a lot of damage.
Greed Shrine Enemies will drop gold when hit.
Lethal Shrine All your skills will deal more damage, and critically strike.
Protection Shrine You become Invulnerable, removing all status effects and preventing any new ones from being applied to you for the duration of the buff.

Shrine Types

Shrine Types

Any of the above Shrines can be “defected”. Sometimes, they might be Cursed, which means you have to fend yourself from incoming enemies for 60 seconds before being able to get the buff. Others might be broken and you have to get the missing part to repair the Shrine before you can get the effect.

Cursed Shrines

You won’t be able to tell if a Shrine is Cursed unless you interact with it. If it is Cursed, then a big red circle will show under it, knock you back, and start an event that requires you to survive the enemy attack for 60 seconds.

Completing this event allows you to activate the Shrine, and rewards you with a Radiant Chest that drops gold and gear of all rarities.

Defaced Shrines

Even though it’s quite rare, sometimes you will find broken or Defaced Shrines. To activate those, you have to find the Defaced Shrine Cap and place it back on the Defaced Shrine Base. After channeling for 4 seconds, the Shrine will be repaired and you have to interact with it again to activate it and gain its effects.

That’s a wrap on Shrines in Diablo 4. Now go back into Sanctuary, grab as many of those monoliths as you can, and show those demons who’s boss.

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