Diablo 4: Hope’s Light Stronghold Walkthrough

Stop looking for Hope's Light Stronghold guides. This one got you covered with everything you need to know from location to completion and what kind of rewards you can get from it.
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Diablo 4 Hope's Light Stronghold

In Diablo 4, you will stumble upon many Strongholds which are small locations that are conquered by enemies. However, that was not always the case as most of these places were previously inhabited. It is your job to conquer those strongholds and invite the inhabitants back in.

If you trying to complete Hope’s Light stronghold and are having a hard time, then you have come to the right place.

We got you covered with the location, how to complete, and how to defeat the final boss waiting for you at the top of the stronghold. This guide will also cover what rewards you can get by Rekindling the Wanderer’s Shrine.

Diablo 4 Hope’s Light Stronghold location

Hope's Light Location

Hope’s Light Stronghold is located on the far northern side of Scosglen where the tides are high and the undead pirates are many. The best way to get there is by taking the Marowen waypoint, taking the exit to the east, and then heading all the way north.

How to complete Hope’s Light Stronghold in Diablo 4

Hope's Light pyre
Hope’s Light Pyre

To conquer Hope’s Light, you have to light the pyre that is located at the highest point in the area. To get inside the stronghold, you have to destroy the water-logged barricade that is blocking the entrance and take the first jump to the left.


From there, you have to fend off all the undead pirates and try to make your way toward the pyre. However, as you are going deeper into Hope’s Light, you will notice that there is a dead end and the only way to cross is to use the Winch that lowers a plank and unlock a path. The catch is that you will have to wait and defend yourself for 40 seconds as small enemies and Elites will try to bring you down.

Broken Winch Location
Broken Winch Location

After using the first Winch, you will continue your path toward the pyre but will also stumble upon a broken Winch with a missing handle. To get the Winch part in Hope’s Light stronghold, use the ladder located at the bottom of the ship and then take the first jump that is a few steps away. Keep going straight till you find the Winch, grab it make your way back to the ship, and prepare to defend yourself from pirates again.

After doing all that, you will stumble upon the Tidewitch Ne’gana, who is the final boss of this stronghold.

How To Beat Tidewitch Ne’gana in Hope’s Light Stronghold

Once you climb up the stairs and are almost at the top of the stronghold, you will encounter Tidewitch Ne’gana. To beat her, you have to dodge all the pools that show up on the ground and defeat all the enemies that come to her aid. Further down in the guide, we will cover her attack patterns and ways to defeat her easily.

Diablo 4 Tidewitch Ne’gana abilities

The boss has two abilities that you have to watch out for, and they are the following:

  • Tide Pools: Tidewitch Ne’gana will spawn so many pools that will stay on the ground. Shortly after she will explode them.
  • Waves: The boss will shoot a wave that moves in a linear direction.
Tidewitch Tide pools
Tide pools

Ability 1 – Tile Pools: Frequently, Tidewitch Ne’gana will spawn small pools that will deal damage if you step on them. Shortly after, the Tidewitch will raise her hand and cause an AoE explosion on every pool that is on the ground.

It’s best to keep a proper distance from all the pools as the AoE has a big radius, but you can’t see it.

Tidewitch waves

Ability 2 – Waves: Her second attack is a wave in that moves in a linear direction. Getting hit by this wave will cause a lot of damage and knock you back.

On top of those two abilities, you have to watch out for the enemies that she summons, and her basic attack. If you are playing a ranged class, you will not have to worry about the basic attack though.

Hope’s Light Rewards

Completing Hope’s Light stronghold will reward you with 100 renown points, a lot of experience, and some gold. Moreover, the Tidewitch Ne’gana has a chance to drop some juicy loot like legendary and rare armor.

To put a cherry on top, conquering this stronghold will also unlock the following:

  • Flood Depths dungeon
  • An Altar of Lilith that can be accessed at the easter side of the stronghold.
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