Diablo 4: A Complete Gems Guide

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Diablo 4 Gems

Diablo 4 gems add an extra layer of upgrading gear, apart from the usual Blacksmith and Jeweler enhancements. By adding them to your weapons, armor, and jewelry, you are adding extra stats to your build like increased damage, or increased elemental resistance.

You can find gems in so many ways while traversing Sanctuary. They can be dropped by enemies, looted from chests, collected from the Tree of Whispers, and even crafted at the Jeweler once you meet the requirements.

They can also be combined together to form an even stronger gem. Right now, any gem you collect will be stored in your inventory or in your stash, but this will change in a future update where they become a currency rather than an item.

Gems provide different stats based on which item they are socketed in, and there are different qualities and types that we will discuss thoroughly in this guide.

Diablo 4 Gem types

There are 7 gem types in Diablo 4, and each one serves a different purpose, but they all provide you with additional offensive, defensive, or utility bonuses.

Gem type Bonus to Weapons Bonus to Armor Bonus to Jewelry
Amethyst Increases Damage over time Reduces Damage taken over time Increases Shadow Resistance
Emerald Increase Critical Strike damage to Vulnerable enemies Increases the Thorns stat Increases Poison Resistance
Ruby Increases Overpower Damage Increases Maximum Life Increases Fire Resistance
Topaz Increases Basic Skill Damage Reduces damage taken while affected by crowd control Increases Lightning Resistance
Sapphire Increases Critical Strike Damage to enemies affected by crowd control Reduces Damage taken while Fortified Increases Cold Resistance
Diamond Increases Ultimate Skill Damage Increases Barrier Generation Increases Resistance to all Elements
Skull Gives Life on kill Increases Healing Received Increases Armor

What are the different gem qualities

As of now, there are five qualities for every gem, and each one of them provides you with the same stats, but just higher numbers.

Gem type Example
Crude Crude Amethyst, Crude Ruby, and so on
Chipped Chipped Amethyst, Chipped Ruby, and so on
Gem Amethyst, Ruby, and so on
Flawless Flawless Amethyst, Flawless Ruby, and so on
Royal Royal Amethyst, Royal Ruby, and so on

It is confirmed that we will be getting stronger gem qualities in the future, and we will be sure to update this guide with the latest once we get it.

How to unlock the Jeweler in Diablo 4

To unlock the Jeweler, you have to reach level 20. Once you do, a priority quest called Gem Crafting will be triggered. The quest will ask you to talk with the Jeweler Kratia in Kyovashad. Once you do, you will unlock all Jewelers in all the cities where they are located.

How to craft gems in Diablo 4

How to Craft Gems in Diablo 4
Craft Gems

To craft gems in Diablo 4, you need to visit the Jeweler and check out the first tab. You will have the option to craft any of the different qualities as long as you meet the level requirement. The only exception would be the Crude gems.

To go from one quality to another, you need to provide 3 gems from the previous quality and pay a small gold fee.

Gem level Gems required Level required to craft
Chipped 3x Crude gems 20
Gem 3x Chipped gems 40
Flawless 3x Gems 50
Royal 3x Flawless gems 70

How to craft Royal Gems in Diablo 4

Royal gems can be crafted at the Jeweler once you reach level 70, however, players can start getting them as drops and equipping them at level 60.

How to socket & unsocket gems

How to add socket in Diablo 4
Adding a Socket

To socket a piece of gear, you need to go to the Jeweler and navigate to the third tab that says “Add Socket”. Insert the item of choice into the slot, and simply press the Add Socket button. You have to pay a small gold fee, and rare resources to add a socket, and an item can have a maximum of two sockets at a time.

How to Remove a socket in Diablo 4
Removing a Socket

To unsocket a piece of gear, you need to go to the Jeweler and navigate to the second tab that says “Unsocket”. Insert the item of choice into the slot, and press the Remove Socket button. You only have to pay a small gold fee to unsocket a gem. Once the unsocket process is complete, the gem will return to your inventory.

That’s all there is to know about gems, but if you are looking for different ways to improve your gear, then you should probably look into imprinting Aspects.

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