Diablo 4: Clans Explained – How to Join, Create and Manage a Clan

Slaying demons is more fun when done with friends.
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Diablo 4 clans

Diablo 4 is an action RPG video game, and people tend to enjoy those types of games solo. The way they are designed usually favors solo play. However, Blizzard took a different approach and added multiplayer elements to the game like PvP, World Events, and Clans.

It still begs the question though, why would you join a clan? What are the benefits, and how hard is it to manage one? This guide will go into a Clan deep dive where we will cover how to join or create one. How to manage one and why a clan is important in Diablo IV.

What are Diablo 4 clans?

A clan is a place where up to 150 players can come together to participate in all kinds of PvE and PvP content. Creating or joining one is free, and it doesn’t hurt to have one. When you join a clan, all your softcore and hardcore characters in the same realm will have access to this clan.

How to create a Diablo 4 clan

Creating a clan in Diablo 4 is a fairly easy process. Simply access the clan menu by pressing “N” on your keyboard and you will automatically be prompted with two options. The option you want to press is the second one that says “Create a Clan”.

You don’t have to visit a representative like other games ask you to do, and you can create your clan wherever you are in Sanctuary with no level requirements whatsoever. Once it is created, you will be asked to fill in the following information:

  • Clan name [xGuiders].
  • Clan tag [XGD] – The tag that will show beside players’ names.
  • Description.
  • Language – Specify the language that will be commonly used within the clan.
  • Labels – Whether your clan promotes PvE, PvP, Hardcore, or casual play.

You can always change this information with the exception of the Clan name from the dedicated menu. Further down in the guide, we will cover how you can manage a clan which can be done by both a leader or officer.

How to join a clan in Diablo 4

To join a clan, head over to the clan menu by pressing “N” on your keyboard, and tap on the “Join a Clan” button. From there, you can use the search functionality to filter clans using the following criteria:

  • Clan name
  • Clan tag
  • Clan leader
  • Total members
  • Creation date
  • Labels (PvE, PvP, etc)
  • Heraldry (Logo)

Once you’ve added your filters, a list of clans will show up. Find one that you like, and simply press the “Request to Join” button. From there, it is a waiting game because either the leader or officer has to accept your request before you actually become a member.

If you still can’t find a clan that you like in-game, you can check out this website where leaders are promoting their own clans.

How to manage a clan

clans - Update logo

Creating a clan is just one piece of the puzzle, and there is so much that you can do after you create one. To begin managing one, you have to head over to the clan menu and inspect all three tabs that are available.

Option Option Description
Update description Updates the clan’s description that was set during creation.
Update Visibility Make the clan public/private.
Update Language Update the preferred language that was set during the creation.
Update Labels Update the labels that were set during creation.
Change information Something that only internal members can see. This is used to add confidential social links for the clan.
Update message of the day Add some daily information that you would like your members to know of.
Update permissions Decide which roles can perform specific changes in the clan.
Update Heraldry You can manage the Logo by changing the Base, Symbol, and Dye.
Banned Members Update the list of banned members.

Reasons to have a clan

Clans in Diablo 4 are not required as you can complete all the content that the game has to offer on your own. However, it would be much more fun to slay demons with a group of friends that you enjoy playing the game with.

Even witnessing The Butcher with other players can elevate the thrill and experience, especially if you are all playing with a voice chat feature like Discord.

A sense of competition will also be created within your group, and this pushes you to create stronger builds and progress further in the game so you can flex your gear with your friends.

Joining a clan sounds like a useless ordeal, but Diablo 4 is fairly new, and the system still hasn’t scratched the surface. Blizzard might always decide to add clan-exclusive content to the game, and joining one now rather than waiting for the last moment seems like the better choice.

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