Diablo 4: Meet All The Vendors

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Diablo 4 Vendors

To truly excel in Diablo 4, you need to know all the vendors and merchants that are available in the game. There is a total of 12 vendors that serve different purposes, and each one of them is important for your success.

List of Diablo 4 vendors

There are some merchants that you will visit more often than others, and some of them that you will only visit in the initial stages of the game. Vendors can help you upgrade your gear, sell your items, salvage junk items, and even repair your broken gear.

All the merchants that I am going to list in this guide can be located in Kyovashad, but they are also peppered all over Sanctuary.


vendors - Alchemist

An Alchemist can be identified by a Mortar and Pestle icon on the map. Alchemists provide the following services.

  • Upgrading healing potions – Upgrade your potions when you hit specific level achievements.
  • Crafting Elixirs – Used to get a 5% experience boost and different buffs.
  • Refine resources – Craft resources that can be used in different aspects of the game.
  • Craft Incense – Craft food that gives you different buffs

Armor vendor

vendors - Armor vendor
Armor Vendor

Armor vendors are identified by an armor symbol on the map, and they provide the following services.

  • Buying Armor – You can buy armor from this merchant, however, I recommend that you don’t as they are all useless.
  • Sell items – You can sell your items to this vendor, but I also recommend that you don’t because salvaging them is a better alternative.


vendors - Blacksmith

Blacksmiths are identified by an anvil and hammer icon on the map. They are probably the most important vendors in the game that you will be visiting so many times. Here is a list of their services.

  • Salvage gear – You can salvage gear that you don’t need to get in return for some resources.
  • Repair items – Repair your armor when you have lost some durability due to death.
  • Upgrade items – Upgrade your armor and weapons to get better stats.

Cursed Scroll

Located in PvP areas, Cursed scroll merchants sell scrolls that can only be used in the Fields of Hatred. They only sell their items with the special PvP currency called “Red Dust”.


vendors - Healer

Healers are vendors that I personally barely visit. They can be identified by a heart icon on the map. Their only service is to fill up your health and bring your healing potions back to the maximum.


vendors - Jeweler

Another one of the most important merchants in Diablo 4. Jewelers are identified by a Diamond icon and have four services that you need to know as they are all fundamentals of build-crafting.

  • Craft gems – Craft different gem tiers that best suit your build.
  • Unsocket gems – Remove existing gems from your gear.
  • Add socket – Add a socket to your gear.
  • Upgrade item – A similar service to the Blacksmith’s but the Jeweler allows you to upgrade Amulets and Rings.


vendors - Occultist

A merchant that you will be using in later stages of the game. Occultists can be identified by a ritual circle icon on the map, and they provide five services.

  • Imprint Aspects – Add Legendary Aspects to your gear to further improve it.
  • Extract Aspects – Remove Aspects from items.
  • Craft Sigils – Craft Sigils using Sigil Powder and unlock Nightmare Dungeons.
  •  Salvage Sigils – Salvage Sigils that you don’t need, and get Sigil Powder in return.

Purveyor of Curiosities

vendors - Purveyor of Curiosities
Purveyor of Curiosities

Purveyor of Curiosities is a merchant that will sell you gear and Whispering Keys to unlock Silent Chests. This merchant accepts a special currency called Murmuring Obols that can be farmed in various ways. You can identify a Purveyor of Curiosities by looking for a bag and coin icon on the map.

Unsavory Oddities

Similar to the Purveyor of Curiosities, the Unsavory Oddities is a PvP vendor that sells you gear for Red Dust. They can only be located in the Fields of Hatred and can be identified by a bag and Red Dust icon.

Rings & Amulets vendor

vendors - Rings & amulets
Rings & amulets

Identified by a necklace icon, this merchant is one of the less visited ones. They provide you with two services.

  • Buy Amulets and Rings – You can buy Amulets and Rings from this vendor, but I also recommend you don’t do that as they are useless items.
  • Sell items – Similar to the Armor vendor, you can sell and buy back your items here.

Stable Master

vendors - Stable Master
Stable Master

Stable Master is where you will manage all your mounts. You can find them in major cities and they have a horse symbol. They will also sell cosmetic items for your mount.

Weapons vendor

vendors - Weapons vendor
Weapons vendor

Similar to both the Armor merchant and the Rings & Amulets merchant, the Weapons vendor will sell your weapons and provide you with the option to sell your items.

That’s a wrap on all the vendors in Diablo 4. There is one more thing which is the Wardrobe, but this is technically not considered a merchant or a vendor, and it allows you to store transmogs and change your character’s appearance.

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