Diablo 4: Alcarnus Stronghold Location, Rewards, and How to Conquer it

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Diablo 4 Alcarnus

Alcarnus is a Stronghold that lives up to Diablo 4’s creepy vibe. You will enter the territory of Rashta Reborn, a mad undead witch who uses blood magic to defeat her enemies. She will be caught performing research and it is your job to stop her before she succeeds.

In this guide, we will go over Alcarnus, where it is located, how to conquer it, how to defeat Rashta, and what rewards you can get from it.

Diablo 4 Alcarnus Stronghold location

Alcarnus location
Alcarnus Location

Alcarnus is located in Kehjistan between the Scouring Sands and Caldeum, southeast of The Altar of Ruins. To get there, you can take the Jirandai waypoint located north of the Stronghold, or the Tarsarak waypoint located east of it.

How to complete Alcarnus Stronghold in Diablo 4

To conquer Alcarnus, you need to destroy all the Necrotic Masses, and defeat Rashta. Once you get there, you need to make your way to Rashta’s lair and interrupt her research by fighting her till up to the 25% health mark.

After that, she becomes invulnerable and gets into one of the Necrotic Masses. You will then have to look for three research notes located within the chamber. From the center of the room, one is located to the west, another to the east, and the last one is located to the south just behind the walls.

Alcarnus - Necrotic Mass
Necrotic Mass

Once you find all three, you can now make your way outside the chamber and destroy the 3 Necrotic Masses. Each Mass will be surrounded by demons and a Simulacrum of Rashta will spawn and mimic 1 ability from the actual Rashta boss fight. To be able to damage the second and third Necrotic Masses, you need to defeat the Simulacrum.

Once you destroy all three Masses, you can make your way back to Rashta’s chamber for a final confrontation.

How To Beat Rashta Reborn In Alcarnus Stronghold

Rashta has four abilities other than her basic attack that you need to worry about, and she packs three marks on her health bar but her mechanics remain the same within all three marks.

Rashta Reborn’s abilities

Rashta has four abilities that you need to take care of, and they are as follows.

Alcarnus - Rashta Rain drops
Rain Drops

Ability 1 – Rain Drops: Rashta will rain blood on you in a circular formation. The rain will gradually close in on you. I recommend you keep a teleport ability that allows you to move outside the raindrops when she casts it the second time. It is good to know that the drops won’t chase you.

Alcarnus - Soul River
Soul River

Ability 2 – Soul River: The boss will summon three linear rivers of souls coming directly from her scythe. You will have one second to stand between the rivers to avoid being hit by them. They will last for a couple of seconds on the ground, and they will deal damage over time for as long as you are standing on them.

Alcarnus - Spawns

Ability 3 – Imperfect Simulacrum: The boss will summon smaller versions of her, but they do not perform the same abilities that she does. They are not so much of a burden, so you don’t have to worry much about them.

Alcarnus - Poison Spiral
Poison Spiral

Ability 4 – Poison Spiral: Small poison balls will come out from the boss’s scythe and will move in a spiral shape. The best way to avoid getting hit by them is by keeping your distance from the boss because the poison balls will split up and you will have much more space to move around.

Alcarnus Stronghold Rewards

Alcarnus - Rewards

Alcarnus will reward you with 100 renown, and some experience. The boss will drop some gold and has a chance to drop a legendary piece of armor along with a bunch of other rare and magic pieces.

Alcarnus - Altar of Lilith
Altar of Lilith in Alcarnus

Alcarnus is not one of those Strongholds that give you access to new vendors and waypoints. You will only get access to an Altar of Lilith that is located just outside Rashta’s chamber.

To get to it, simply exit Rashta’s chamber and take the first right. Then look to your left, and you will see a small corner. The Altar will be seated behind broken wooden planks.

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