Diablo 4: Fractured Peaks Overview

Fractured Peaks is the starting area in Diablo 4, here is an overview.
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Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks Overview

Fractured Peaks is the snowy region of Sanctuary. Venturing into the white mist will prove to be difficult as you will have to fight Demons, Marauders, and the entire Ice Clan.

The first city you will visit in this region is Kyovashad, and the merchants in this hub are vast. You can upgrade your gear at Blacksmiths, change your appearance at the Wardrobe, or even upgrade your potions at the Alchemist.

Fractured Peaks information

  • The first zone you will visit.
  • Cold weather with a blizzard constantly flowing through the mountains.
  • Located north of Hawezar, south of Scosglen, and east of Dry Steppes
  • The main city is Kyovashad
  • There are 12 subregions in this zone
  • The crafting material Biteberry can be found only in this region

Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks Renown

Renown is a system that can be utilized to improve your entire account’s characters. By exploring Sanctuary and completing certain activities, you are rewarding yourself with benefits that are given to you after reaching certain milestones.

Activity Count
Waypoints 7
Strongholds 3
Side Dungeons 23
Side Quests 35
Altars of Lilith 28
Areas that can be discovered 77

To keep track of your progress, it is always a good choice to use the plethora of tools for d4 tracking.


Fractured Peaks Region waypoints

Waypoints are means of travel in Diablo 4, and Fractured Peaks has a few of them. The first waypoint you will unlock is Kyovashad, and from there you can go ahead and explore the remaining six waypoints that are spread all over the Peaks at your own free will.

Here is a list of waypoints in this zone:

  • Menestad
  • Nostrava
  • Nevesk
  • Margrave
  • Yelesna
  • Kyovashad
  • Bear Tribe Refuge

We go through the waypoints in Fractured Peaks in more detail in our dedicated waypoints guide.


Fractured Peaks Region Strongholds

In Diablo 4, Strongholds is a limited activity that you can complete in order to take over enemy-occupied territory. By doing so, you will be earning 100 Renown points, bringing back old inhabitants of this particular zone, and potentially unlocking new waypoints, dungeons, and vendors.

  • Nostrava – Located west of Kyovashad above Desolate Highlands
  • Kor Drava – Located north of Kyovashad, above Sarkova Pass
  • Malnok – Located east of Kyovashad, under the Frigid Expanse

You can read about all the Strongholds in Fractured Peaks in our detailed Strongholds guides.

Side Dungeons

Fractured Peaks Region - Side Dungeons
Side Dungeons

Fractured Peaks has 23 dungeons, and all of them are unique and provide you with different rewards. Completing them for the first time will reward you with Legendary Aspects, and doing the Nightmare version of each dungeon also allows you to upgrade your glyph slots.

Side Quests

One of the most annoying things to do in Diablo 4 is find all those Side Quests. They are mini-tasks that require you to slay a certain number of demons, collect some orbs, or deliver something to an NPC. I would personally leave them till last as you don’t have to finish all the activities to unlock maximum renown in a zone.

Altars of Lilith

Fractured Peaks Region Altars of Lilith
Altars of Lilith

Altars of Lilith provide you with account-wide benefits like any of the four core stats, Murmuring Obols, and Paragon points. Every zone has at least 20 of them, and in Fractured Peaks, you can find 28 Altars of Lilith. Once you have unlocked them all on one of your characters, then all your characters from all realms will also benefit from those juicy stats.

Areas Discovered

Exploring the snowy hills of this gorgeous region is an experience of its own. Head into the Peaks, fight those demons, and unveil all the fog of war to make it accessible to all your characters.

World Boss in Fractured Peaks

Every zone in Sanctuary has a world boss of its own, and the world boss in Fractured Peaks is Ashava the Pestilent. This is a dragon that can be located in The Crucible, southeast of the region.

Ashava is one of the iconic boss fights in D4, and she utilizes her poisonous attacks to repel her enemies. Both melee and ranged players are equally in danger because this boss moves around a lot and can even deal damage at a distance.

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