Diablo 4: Malnok Stronghold Location, Rewards, and How to Conquer it

Find out how you can conquer Malnok in Diablo 4 by reading this guide.
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Diablo 4 Malnok Stronghold

In Diablo 4, you will come across many Strongholds, and Malnok is one of them. It’s a camp that is engulfed in ice and is conquered by the Ice Clan, and it is your mission to go there and take it back from them.

However, before you head there, make sure that you are at least level 15 as this is the base level for this particular Stronghold, and teaming up with friends would be a good idea.

In the remainder of this guide, we will cover how to finish Malnok in Diablo 4, where it is located, and what rewards you can expect from it.

Diablo 4 Malnok location

Malnok - Location

Just like Nostrava and Kor Dragan, Malnok is located in the Fractured Peaks. It is sandwiched between Kyovashad and Seat of the Heavens. To get there, you can take one of the two waypoints:

  • Bear Tribe Refuge – From here, head south.
  • Kyovashad – From here, head east.

You can use this map tool to find the waypoints and create your path to Malnok.

How to complete Malnok in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Malnok - Tethered Elites
Tethered Elites

To conquer Malnok in Diablo 4, you have to defeat the three Ice Clan Stormcaller Elites who are channeling their magic to the final boss in this Stronghold.

The three Stormcallers are located on each side of the zone. To find them, simply open your map and look for the skull icon. However, they won’t go down without a fight because once you get to the platforms, you will find out that the Stormcallers are being protected by a bunch of Shamans.

Ice Clan Stormcaller
Ice Clan Stormcaller

The Stormcallers will be invulnerable when you first see them. This is because they are being protected by the Elite monster “Ritual Guardian”. Once you defeat this Elite, only then will the Ice Clan Stormcaller become vulnerable.

Once you defeated one Stormcaller, head over to another platform and get rid of the monsters there. Repeat this process three times, and then head back to the center to face Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion.

How To Beat Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion In Malnok Stronghold

Slaying all the Stormcallers in Malnok is only the first step. The second would be to defeat the final boss, Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion. To beat this boss, you have to dodge his two attacks. The jump and the ice pools.

Diablo 4 Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion’s abilities

The boss has his basic attack which is a swipe with his huge axe. This swipe will also release icicle projectiles that deal some damage. Apart from that though, Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion has two attacks that should be avoided, and they are the following:

Malnok - Frosthorn jump
Jump slam

Ability 1 – Jump Slam: Frosthorn will jump high up to then slam his axe on the ground. If you are standing in front of the boss, you will take a lot of damage, and get knocked down. The best course of action is to stay behind the boss.

Malnok - Frosthorn Ice Pools
Ice Pools

Ability 2 – Ice Pools: After the first health mark is gone, Frosthorn will start summoning Ice Pools that will grow for a short duration and then explode. If you are on the Ice Pools after they explode, then you will get frozen and can only escape after some time or by using a stun breaker ability.

Malnok Stronghold Rewards

After completing Malnok, you will be rewarded with 100 renown points, and a lot of experience. The boss will also drop gold and some items with different rarities.

Malnok Rewards
Malnok Rewards

Apart from those rewards, once you conquer Malnok, you will invite the people of Sanctuary back to the area, giving you access to two dungeons, and the following vendors:

  • Rings & Amulets Vendor
  • Blacksmith
  • Armor vendor
  • Healer

You will also gain access to an Altar of Lilith that can be found on the southwestern side of Malnok.

That’s a wrap, if you are trying to conquer all strongholds, then you can check out our guide that runs through every single Stronghold in the game.

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