Diablo 4: How to Defeat the Blood Bishop [Boss Guide]

Find out how you can defeat the Blood Bishop in Diablo 4 with ease.
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Diablo 4 Blood Bishop Guide

Probably the most common dungeon boss in Diablo 4, the Blood Bishop is a foe that keeps getting harder every time you encounter him. In some dungeons, he might have four health marks, and in others, he will have three. The boss uses blood magic, and his extremely large tentacles to deal damage, so elemental resistance won’t work here.

For the remainder of this guide, we will cover the boss’s locations, attack patterns, and what rewards you can get by defeating him.

Diablo 4 Blood Bishop locations

The Blood Bishop is a dungeon boss that has the most appearances among all dungeon bosses. He can only be found in dungeons located in Hawezar and Fractured Peaks.

Here is a list of all his locations.

Dungeon Location
Sanguine Chapel The far east of Fractured Peaks. To get there, take the Bear Tribe Refuge waypoint and go east.
Hallowed Ossuary Also in Fractured Peaks, this dungeon is just west of the Malnok stronghold.
Zenith Located in Kor Valar, a zone that can be found on the northeastern side of Fractured Peaks
Immortal Emanation From the Kyovashad waypoint, take the eastern exit and keep going in this direction.
Akkhan’s Grasp Take the Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court and find the farthest dungeon to the west.
Fetid Mausoleum From the Tree of Whispers waypoint, you have to navigate through the swamps to get to the northwestern side where you will find this dungeon.
Heathen’s Keep From the Wejinhani waypoint in Hawezar, go north and you should get to the dungeon.

How to Beat Blood Bishop in Diablo 4

To defeat the Blood Bishop, you have to worry about two main abilities that the boss has. A grab that will reduce a good chunk of your health, and the Flesh that spawns and explodes after a short period of time. The Bishop only has three main attacks apart from his basic attack, here is a list.

Blood Bishop’s abilities

The Bishop has three abilities that are the same wherever you confront him.

Blood Bishop - Projectiles

Ability 1 – Projectiles: The boss will charge up to ten purple projectiles around him, and then fire them simultaneously. They are not homing, but if you are too close to the boss, then you are highly likely to get hit by all of them.

Blood Bishop - Grab

Ability 2 – Grab: This is the most lethal attack that this boss does. He will raise his hands up, charge them, and then attempt to grab you. If you are facing the boss, then this is an easy game over, so my recommendation would be to stay behind the boss at all times to avoid getting grabbed.

When you get grabbed, you can’t use any of your abilities or even potions.

Blood Bishop - Flesh

Ability 3 – Flesh: The Blood Bishop will scatter blood pods called “Flesh” all over the map. Usually, up to four pods will be created. They will stay on the map for a short duration before they cause a map-wide explosion.

It’s best to destroy the Flesh as soon as you see them because they will deal damage to you after they explode no matter where you are on the map.

Blood Bishop Rewards

Defeating the Blood Bishop in Diablo 4 will reward you with gear, gold, and some experience. Also, just like any other dungeon, completing the dungeons where this boss exists for the first time will reward you with Legendary Aspects for your entire account, and 20 renown points per dungeon.

Here is a list of Legendary Aspects that you can get for defeating the Blood Bishop.

  • Aspect of Unrelenting Fury – Unique for the Barbarian
  • Energizing Aspect – Unique for the Rogue
  • Recharging Aspect – Unique for the Sorcerer
  • Mangled Aspect – Unique for the Druid
  • Blighted Aspect – Unique for the Necromancer
  • Snowguard’s Aspect – Unique for the Sorceress
  • Aspect of Numbing Wrath – Unique for the Barbarian
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