Diablo 4: How to Beat Den Mother [Boss Guide]

Face this wolf with ease, this Den Mother guide will cover her location, attack patterns and what rewards to expect from defeating her.
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Diablo 4 Den Mother Guide

Den Mother is a boss that is exclusive to Dungeons. This boss will attempt to shred you with her extremely sharp claws, and sneaky tactics.

She might seem intimidating at first, but that is actually not true. This is an easy boss to defeat if you know the attack patterns. The good news is that this guide will cover those patterns and everything else you need to know about this wolf.

Before we actually discuss the patterns, let us go over where you can find the Den Mother.

Diablo 4 Den Mother locations

Being a dungeon boss, she is located in two dungeons, one of them is in Scosglen and the other is in the Fractured Peaks.

This means that you can actually fight her early on in the game as Fractured Peaks is the starter area, and Scosglen is the neighboring zone, so you won’t have to wait long before you come across her for the second time.

Dungeon Location
Light’s Watch From the Kyovashad waypoint take the southern exit, and then head east.
Aldurwood Take the Tirmair waypoint in Scosglen, and head north.

How to Defeat Den Mother in Diablo 4

To defeat the Den Mother, avoiding her sneaky attack is key. Most of her attack patterns are pretty obvious to figure out with the exception of the attack that she does after she goes invisible.

She also has physical damage so elemental resistance won’t help you in this fight.

Den Mother’s abilities

There are four abilities that you need to watch out for. This boss will use her claws so many times, and will constantly try to dismay you by going invisible and doing sneaky attacks.

Den Mother Blood Pools
Blood Pools

Ability 1 – Blood pools: Den Mother will slam her paws to the ground and summon blood pools all over the map. Stepping on those pools will cause damage over time, and they last for a few seconds before they disappear.

Den Mother Rush

Ability 2 – Rush: The wolf will charge her attack for one second before she actually pounces at you and performs a flurry of scratches with her claws. You can identify this attack if you notice a red aura gathering around the Den Mother.

Den Mother Summons

Ability 3 – Summons: After her first health mark is gone, the boss will suddenly go invisible. When she reappears, a group of wolves will appear with her. They are easy to defeat, but don’t try to leave them for long on in the fight as they can easily become a hindrance.

Den Mother Invisibility

Ability 4 – Invisibility: The Den Mother will go invisible by forming a smoke screen around her. Shortly after, the boss will perform a sneak attack that does quite the damage.

Diablo 4 Den Mother rewards

Defeating the boss will reward you with some nice loot like gold and gear. However, the rarity defers based on which level you are fighting her. Apart from the loot though, completing the dungeon for the first time will earn you renown points and unlock two Aspects:

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