Diablo 4: Kehjistan Overview

Kehjistan, the forgotten desert dunes of Sanctuary, here is an overview.
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Kehjistan Region

Kehjistan is the desert of Sanctuary. This is the region where you get to confront the last boss from Act 6. If you want to venture into those deserts, then you better make sure that you come prepared as you will be facing Cannibals, Demons, and Phantoms.

When in Kehjistan, always keep an eye open for Lifesbane which is a unique material that’s limited to this zone.

Kehjistan information

  • Hot weather with a lot of sand dunes and a small oasis located on the southern side of the map
  • Located west of Hawezar, south of Dry Steppes
  • The main city is Gea Kul
  • There are 11 subregions in this zone
  • The crafting material Lifesbane  can be found only in this region

Diablo 4 Kehjistan Renown

The Renown system requires you to complete certain activities that are spread out all over Sanctuary in return for some rewards. Some of those activities reward you with more points and some with less, and this goes back to how hard and how much time it takes to complete the activity.

Activity Count
Waypoints 6
Strongholds 3
Side Dungeons 23
Side Quests 44
Altars of Lilith 31
Areas that can be discovered 54

It’s always a good idea to keep track of your progress in Diablo 4. To do that, simply open the map and check out what you have collected already, or use any of the tracker tools that are available online like IGN’s map.

Waypoints in Kehjistan

Kehjistan Region - Waypoints

Moving fast between the zones of Kehjistan is required if you want to be efficient. The only way to do that other than using a horse is to use the 6 waypoints that are spread out all over the region.

Here is a list of waypoints in Kehjistan:

  • Altar of Ruin
  • Iron Wolves Encampment
  • Imperial Library
  • Gea Kul
  • Denshar
  • Tarsarak

We go through the waypoints in Kehjistan in more detail in our dedicated guide.

Strongholds in Kehjistan

Kehjistan Region - Strongholds

Strongholds are short and limited activities that you can do. Just like any other zone, Kehjistan has 3 Strongholds, and conquering them will reward you with 100 renown each, some experience, and the possibility of unlocking a new Dungeon, waypoint, or vendors.

The Strongholds in Kehjistan are some of the hardest in Sanctuary and they will require some skill to complete, they are as follows:

  • Altar of Ruin – Located east of Amber Sands
  • Alcarnus – Located west of the Scouring Sands
  • Omath’s Redoubt – Located at the western exit of the Fields of Hatred

You can read about all the Kehjistan Strongholds in our detailed guide.

Side Dungeons in Kehjistan

Kehjistan Region - Side Dungeons
Side Dungeons

Kehjistan has 23 Side Dungeons that you can complete, however, some Dungeons like the Crumbling Hekma can be locked behind a Stronghold. So unless you complete the Stronghold, then you can’t gain access to the dungeon.

Side Quests in Kehjistan

With 44 Side Quests available in Kehjistan, you will have a lot to do in that region. Side quests are small tasks that can be taken from NPCs or picked up from random loot that drops from demons randomly. Those quests will ask you to do a small errand like go slay some monsters or go deliver some item to some person.

Regardless of what the side quest task is, you will still have to complete them to earn renown points.

Altars of Lilith

Kehjistan Region - Altars of Lilith
Altars of Lilith

Altars of Lilith are statues that can be found all over Kehjistan. They are set to specific key locations and collecting them will reward you with a permanent stat boost, Murmuring Obols capacity increase, or additional Paragon points. Unlocking them once on a character will also unlock all the Altars on all characters in your account.

For this reason, finding all the Altars of Lilith early on in the game is important.

Areas Discovered

Discovering the wide desert of Kehjistan is not as pleasant as other areas are, but it is required to do so to progress even further in your account.

World Boss in Kehjistan

After completing the main story, you will start seeing world bosses summon all over Sanctuary. In fact, each zone has its own unique spot where the world boss will summon. These bosses are usually huge and require a bunch of players to work hand in hand. Don’t attempt to solo those bosses as this is borderline impossible, even though it was done before through some glitches.

In Kehjistan, world bosses will summon in Seared Basin which is a small zone located just above the Scouring Sands. To get there, take the Tarsarak waypoint and head north.

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