Diablo 4: Nostrava Stronghold Location, Rewards, and How to Conquer it

Find out how to conquer the Nostrava Stronghold in Diablo 4.
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Diablo 4 Nostrava Stronghold

Are you looking for the best strategy to complete Nostrava Stronghold? Well, many people are and this is only natural because Strongholds provide a ton of experience, access to new vendors and waypoints, and sometimes access to new Altars of Lilith.

This does not come easy though because you will have to fight your way between crazed villagers and demons before you can get your hand on the rewards.

In this guide, we will cover the easiest and fastest way to clear Nostrava including location, rewards, and defeating Negala, Lilith’s Chosen, and her followers Torvala and Korzira.

Diablo 4 Nostrava location

Nostrava location
Nostrava location (Map credits to d4builds.gg)

Similar to Malnok, Nostrava is located in Fractured Peaks, however, it is on the western side. The best way to get there is by taking the Kyovashad waypoint and making your way southwest by taking the northwestern exit from the city.

This location is packed with demons and spawns of Lilith. Naturally, you will be confronting Lilith’s Chosen and her companions in this area.

You will definitely have to come prepared as this Stronghold is demanding and will take everything you have.

How to conquer Nostrava Stronghold in Diablo 4

Nostrava Stronghold - How to start
How to start

To conquer Nostrava, you have to destroy all the Demonic Effigies and then defeat Negala, Lilith’s Chosen, and her companions Torvala and Korzira.

I recommend that you be at least level 20 before attempting this Stronghold.

First, make your way toward the Chapel located on the northeastern side of the area. Once you get there, you will meet and interact with a Priestess who is seen kneeling down to a statue of Lilith. Be ready though as crazed villagers will start attacking you.

Kill those villagers and then make your way outside the Chapel to investigate the town and destroy all the Demonic Effigies.

There is a total of five Demonic Effigies that need to be destroyed, and they are located inside the homes and are blocked by barricades which also have to be destroyed. Tread lightly though because the spawns of Lilith are ready to lose their lives defending the Effigies.

The fastest way to destroy them is by taking the first one that is located to the right of the stairs that leads to the town, and then circling around all the homes to end up where you came from.

After that, you will go back to the Chapel to confront Negala, Lilith’s Chosen, and her companions Torvala and Korzira.

How To Beat Negala, Lilith’s Chosen in Nostrava Stronghold

Nostrava Stronghold - Three Bosses
Three Bosses

Defeating Negala is not an easy task because after she loses half her health, she will get support from both her companions Torvala and Korzira. Instead of fighting one boss, you will end up fighting three, and they will fire projectiles, explosions, and meteor showers all over the place.

Honestly, even though I completed this Stronghold so many times, it is not easy to keep track of which boss does what. Nevertheless. here is a list of all attacks you can see from the three succubi.

Ability 1- Basic Attack: All three bosses will fire projectiles that follow you. Those projectiles are fire, lightning, and shadow elements. The frequency of the basic attack increases as their health gets lower.

The only way to avoid them is to constantly be on the move and use your dodge when you get the chance.

Negala - Explosion
Radial Explosion

Ability 2 – Radial Explosion: Occasionally throughout the fight, one of the bosses will spawn a red circle on the ground that explodes and deals AoE damage.

Negala - Meteor shower
Meteor shower

Ability 3 – Meteor Shower: Negala will make it rain Meteors. You will see up to six red circles on the ground, just make sure to stay away from them.

Negala - Blindness

Ability 4 – Blindness: Being too close to Negala, Lilith’s Chosen is not a good idea as she will attempt to push herself back and deal damage and blind anything that is in front of her. The best strategy here is to stay behind the boss if you are melee, and away if you are ranged.

Ability 5 – Rotating Lightning Ball: One of the bosses will place a lightning ball on the ground that will constantly rotate. Standing on it will deal massive damage over time, so try avoiding it.

Once you defeat the three Succubi, make your way back to the town and rekindle the Wanderer’s Shrine to conquer Nostrava Stronghold and bring back the inhabitants to it.

Nostrava Stronghold Rewards

Nostrava Stronghold - Rewards

Just like any Stronghold, completing Nostrava is pretty rewarding as you will get a ton of experience and 100 renown points. Moreover, you will gain access to the Nostrava Waypoint, new vendors, and the Cultist Refuge dungeon.

Defeating the bosses will also reward you with at least 1 rare item and 1 magic item.

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