Diablo 4: Crusader’s Monument Stronghold Guide

Find out how to conquer the Crusader's Monument Stronghold in Diablo 4.
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Diablo 4 Crusaders' Monument Stronghold

Completing Strongholds is extremely important in Diablo 4 as you will be getting a ton of experience, and getting access to new vendors, waypoints, and Altars of Lilith. So naturally, you would want to complete Crusader’s Monument Stronghold in D4.

In this guide, we will go over Crusader’s Monument’s location, rewards, mechanics, and how you can defeat the three boss champions located within Stronghold, Dame Maryam, Sir Thom, and Sir Morholt.

Diablo 4 Crusader’s Monument Stronghold location

Crusader's Monument Location
Location – Thanks for d4builds.gg’s map

Crusader’s Monument is located west of Hawezar. To get there, take the Wehinjani waypoint and head south. You will come across a small path and by the end of it is a crossing with two directions. Take the left exit to enter the Stronghold.

Be prepared though as the Stronghold is located in a dangerous place filled with skeletons and ghosts.

How to complete Crusader’s Monument in Diablo 4

Exumed Crusader's Skull
Exhumed Crusader’s Skull

To conquer Crusader’s Monument Stronghold in Diablo 4, you have to retrieve four Exhumed Crusader’s Skulls and then place them in the pyre located in the center of the map to summon and defeat the three champions.

You can see all the locations of every Exhumed Crusader’s Skull in the images above.

I recommend that you be at least level 35 before attempting this Stronghold.

Firstly, you have to make your way to the center of the room where you will find a pyre and a bunch of ghosts and Hellcaller Skeleton Captain surrounding it. Defeat all the monsters then interact with the Graverobber corpse located right under the pyre. He will drop the first Exhumed Crusader’s Skull.

Place the first skull in the fire and get ready to confront some enemies. After defeating all the enemies, make your way toward the rooms located on the western, eastern, and northern sides of the map. In each room, you will find a Graverobber, and interacting with the corpse will drop another Exhumed Crusader’s Skull. At this point, you can go back to the center of the pyre and place the skull or something that I would do is collect all the skulls first then head back to the central pyre.

Placing all four skulls in the pyre will summon the three bosses, Dame Maryam, Sir Thom, and Sir Morholt. Further down in the guide, we will cover how you can defeat them easily.

How To Beat the Champions in Crusader’s Monument

Crusaders' Monument Stronghold bosses

Once all skulls are placed in the Pyre of Crusader’s Monument, three champions will spawn, but initially, they will not attack simultaneously. However, once the first boss is down to 50% health, they will all start attacking you at the same time.

Each one of them has one powerful ability and they are as follows:

  • Dame Maryam – Shadow projectiles: Dame Maryam will shoot shadow projectiles that go in circles.
  • Sir Thom – Linear attack: Sir Thom will charge a linear attack that deals a lot of damage if hit.
  • Sir Morholt – Tri-linear attack: Sir Morholt will do a similar linear attack but in three directions instead of one.
Crusader linear attack
Linear attack

Dame Maryam – Shadow projectiles: Sir Thom will charge his spear and perform a linear attack that goes pretty far. This attack will only affect the area facing the boss and not behind him. This makes his back a safe zone, so try staying there.

You do have some time to dodge though as the attack is not instant and you will see a red line that designates that the attack will occur there.

Champion Projectile attack

Dame Maryam – Shadow projectiles: Dame Maryam will fire exactly three shadow projectiles that will keep going in circles with a small radius as time goes by. The best strategy here is to chase the last projectile in the tail, and you won’t get hit by any of them.

Crusader tri-linear attack
Tri-linear attack

Sir Morholt – Tri-linear attack: Similar to Sir Thom’s attack, Sir Morholt will charge his shield and spear and shoot a tri-linear attack that goes so far in a linear direction in front of him. You can also dodge this attack by staying behind the boss or staying between the crevices of the lines.

Crusader’s Monument Stronghold Rewards

The rewards from Crusader’s Monument are pretty basic. You get whatever you would expect from a Stronghold, and that is 100 renown points, a lot of experience, and any loot that the bosses might have dropped.

Unlike other Strongholds, you won’t get a new waypoint or vendors. However, you can find an Altar of Lilith on the northern side of the area.

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