Diablo 4: How to Beat Tomb Lord [Boss Guide]

Looking to beat the Tomb Lord in D4? We got you covered with a detailed guide.
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Diablo 4 Tomb Lord

The Tomb Lord is a boss that looks and functions exactly like the Eidolon of Orbei. However, the difference would be that this boss can be found in dungeons, unlike the Eidolon who can be found in the main story.

He is a Skeletal boss who uses tornadoes and his walls to fend off his foes. This guide will cover the Tomb Lord’s locations, attack patterns, and rewards.

Diablo 4 Tomb Lord locations

Tomb Lord is located in both Scosglen and Fractured Peaks, precisely in two dungeons, Mercy’s Reach and Maddux Watch.

Mercy’s Reach is located northwest of Fractured Peaks, and this makes it an entry-level dungeon as this is the area that you will begin with. To get there, take the Menestad waypoint and head north.

Maddux Watch on the other hand is located in Scosglen, and getting there is as easy Simply take the Under the Fat Goose Inn waypoint and head south. You will find the dungeon to the left of the crossing that leads you back to Fractured Peaks.

How To Defeat Tomb Lord in Diablo 4

To defeat this boss, you have to avoid getting hit by his tornadoes as they can blind you and hinder your vision. Moreover, try keeping your distance from his summoned walls as they will explode after a short duration.

Try using his health marks to your advantage because when he loses one, he will drop two health potions. This could prove useful when you need to get back to 100% health.

Tomb Lord’s abilities

The Tomb Lord has three main abilities that you have to worry about, his walls, tornadoes, and his teleportation.

Tomb Lord Explosive Walls
Explosive Walls

Ability 1 – Explosive Walls: The boss’s first and most used ability would be his Explosive Walls. Those walls will be summoned by the boss every once in a while, and they will remain there for a short duration. However, once they start turning blue, keep your distance because this is the sign that they will explode and deal AoE damage.

My tip is to try to avoid breaking all the walls one by one. Unless you have an AoE attack that can destroy them all at once, I would recommend staying away.

Tomb Lord Tornadoes

Ability 2 – Tornadoes: This attack is especially dangerous as you won’t be able to see the walls if you get hit by the Tornadoes. For as long as you are within the bounds of the tornado, your view will be hindered and you won’t be able to see what’s around you. Those tornadoes will chase you, and there could be up to three of them at a time in the fight.

The best strategy is to lure them away from the boss, then head back to attack the Tomb Lord after they are at a good distance from him.

Ability 3 – Teleport: Simply put, the boss will constantly teleport all over the map. This ability can catch you off guard especially when there are walls and tornadoes all over.

Tomb Lord rewards

Defeating Tomb Lord rewards you with some gold at least one rare item and one magic item. Moreover, when completing the dungeons for the first time, you will earn the renown points tied to those dungeons, and also the Legendary Aspects that will become usable across all your characters in the same realm.

From Mercy’s Reach, you will get the Blood Seeker’s Aspect, whereas, from Maddux Watch, you will get the Charged Aspect.

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