Diablo 4: How to Beat Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary [Boss Guide]

Your chance has finally come to defeat Lilith, find out how in this guide.
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Diablo 4 Lilith Guide

After briefly showing up in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, Lilith is back in Diablo IV with the same intentions as she always had. This time around, we get to see her in all her glory and she is actually the main antagonist of the game.

Who is Lilith in Diablo 4?

The daughter of Mephisto, and the Mother of Sanctuary; Lilith is a big deal in the entire Diablo lore. Her aim is to rid this world of the Eternal Conflict that puts both Angels and Demons at constant war. She was once allied with her fallen angel lover, Inarius, and they both had the same goal. However, after he sent her to the void, Elias Fallen Horadrim reincarnated her, and she is now Inarius’s enemy.

Luckily, in Diablo 4, we get to fight her as the final boss of the main story which concludes in Act 6. You actually do it twice within the same encounter, once as Creator of Sanctuary, and another as Daughter of Hatred.

This guide will cover the rewards and how to defeat Lilith in both encounters by understanding her attack patterns and going over some tips and tricks.

How to beat Diablo 4 Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary

To defeat Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary in Diablo 4, your character should be at least level 40, and you have to dodge most of her abilities. Stacking fire resistance by socketing your accessories with ruby gems and drinking fire resistance elixirs is also a plus.

Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary abilities

Keep your eye on her health bar, because her attack patterns change as her health decreases.

Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary - Swipe
Fire Swipe

Ability 1 – Fire Swipe: The boss will fill the ground with fire briefly and getting hit by the fire will apply a burn effect and deal damage over time. The best way to avoid them is by utilizing the one-second window that you have to stand in the safe zone between every fire line.

The boss will cast this ability in three different ways. One is Linear where four lines will be parallel to each other is Square with fire lines being cast horizontally and vertically, and the last is Triangular where all lines will converge from meet at one point. The Creator of Sanctuary will cast different variations as her health gets lower.

Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary - Summons

Ability 2 – Summoning: There are two types of summons that Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary casts. The first one is where she will get into a phase and become invulnerable. She will then travel to the center of the chamber and cast a ritual that summons a lot of demons.

While the demons are alive, the boss is invulnerable, and will still attack you, so I recommend you defeat the smaller demons as soon as possible.

The second type of summoning is Elites. The Creator of Sanctuary will summon two Elites that will make your life much harder as you fight this boss. However, when the Elites are summoned, the boss will still be vulnerable.

Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary - Flurry
Waves of Fire

Ability 3 – Waves of Fire: Occasionally, the boss will start flying and landing on the ground causing a Wave of Fire. This wave will travel in one direction and avoiding it is pretty easy if you dodge left or right. This attack is done during her phase when she goes invulnerable, and randomly throughout the fight.

Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary - Shockwave

Ability 4 – Shockwaves: During the boss’s phase where she summons demons, she will constantly fly and land on a specific point. Depending on her health, she will either cause the Waves of Fire or the Shockwave. This attack is a big red circle, and you have up to two seconds before Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary lands on the ground and causes a lot of damage.

After defeating the Creator of Sanctuary, the boss will transform and become Lilith, Daughter of Hatred. Luckily, when you complete the first encounter, you will get a checkpoint that allows you to continue from the second fight in case you die.

The remainder of this guide will cover the Daughter of Hatred’s abilities, and what rewards you can get by defeating her.

How to beat Diablo 4 Lilith, Daughter of Hatred

Defeating the Daughter of Hatred is tough due to how much her attacks hurt. The boss will constantly shrink the battlefield by destroying parts of the platform, and she will utilize her wings more often, and they hit like a truck.

Lilith, Daughter of Hatred abilities

Daughter of Hatred has five abilities that you need to watch out for, and they are as follows:

Lilith, Daughter of Hatred - Blood pools
Blood Pools

Ability 1 – Blood Pools: At the beginning of the fight, and occasionally throughout, the Daughter of Hatred will cast Blood Pools. These circles don’t hurt on their own, however, when the boss goes into her phase which happens every 25%, red projectiles will start shooting out from those pools.

Lilith, Daughter of Hatred - Dark Zone
Dark Zone

Ability 2 – Dark zone: During the whole fight, the boss will fly outside the map and come back leaving a trail of black material that will cover more than half the map. You will have one second to dodge away from the dark zone as it will cause a lot of damage once it is fully cast.

Lilith, Daughter of Hatred - Phase
Phase Mechanic

Ability 3 – Phase Mechanic: As I mentioned earlier, Lilith, Daughter of Hatred will go into a phase, and this happens three times throughout the whole fight. She will become invulnerable and break part of the platform while firing red projectiles from the blood pools that are spawned within the map.

During this time, you can’t do anything but dodge the incoming attacks.

Lilith, Daughter of Hatred - Pull

Ability 4 – Pull: When Lilith, Daughter of Hatred breaks the platform for the first time, she will start pulling you and then slamming into the ground after a short period of time. I recommend you save your dodge for this attack as it deals a lot of damage. You can identify the pull and slam with a brown circle around the boss.

Ability 5 – Five-point strike: The most lethal attack for Daughter of Hatred. Lilith will use her wings to charge at you five times in a row. You can identify this ability when the boss yells and starts rushing toward you using her wings.

In my experience of beating her three times with three different classes, a gap closer ability is necessary, and this is to keep some distance between yourself and the boss during this attack.

Diablo 4 Lilith rewards

Lilith, Daughter of Hatred - Rewards

When you defeat Lilith, Daughter of Hatred, you will get at least one legendary item, a bunch of rares, and magic items. You will also get a lot of experience and some gold. The main reward for defeating the Daughter of Hatred is the Unique ring called “Mother’s Embrace”.

After defeating her, you will then proceed to the game’s epilogue and then be thrown into Sanctuary to do whatever your heart desires.

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