Diablo 4: How to Beat Elias [Boss Guide]

We've seen Elias so many times in the trailers, and you will see him so many times in the game as well. In fact, you will encounter him three times, and this guide will cover the mechanics for each one of those times.
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Diablo 4 Elias Fallen Horadrim Boss fight

One of the main Antagonists of Diablo 4, Elias is a boss you will fight in both acts 3 and 5 and in a Capstone dungeon called Fallen Temple which recommends you to be level 70. So basically, we will be facing him quite a few times in the game.

This guide goes over all the times you will encounter Elias, and discuss the mechanics, patterns, and everything you need to know about these fights.

How to beat Elias Fallen Horadrim in Act 5

To beat Elias, Fallen Horadrim in Act 5, you have to watch out for the map-wide attack that he starts casting halfway through the fight.

You will face him for the second time in a main quest called “On the Precipice”, and the good thing is that you will have an ally helping you in battle. Even though she is quite useless in the whole fight, Taissa will be aiding you to bring down Elias, Fallen Horadrim.

Let’s go through the abilities that Elias has when fighting him in Act 5.

Elias Fallen Horadrim Act 5 abilities

In Act 5, Elias will have 3 marks on his health bar, and his mechanics will change based on how much health he has. Below you will find all the patterns and abilities that you might face in this boss fight.

Elias Act 5 - Small red circle
Small red circles

Ability 1 – Small red blood circles: Elias will shoot red projectiles that travel to the ground, and once they make contact, will explode and summon a small Hellion. Usually, up to six Hellions will be summoned, so to keep the fight in your favor, I recommend you get rid of them right after they are summoned.

If you were standing on the circle and it explodes, you will take some damage, so try utilizing your dodge only when a circle is right under your feet.

Elias Act 5 - Large red circle
Large red blood circles

Ability 2 – Large red blood circles: Similar to the small red circles, Elias Fallen Horadrim will also create larger ones that will summon bigger enemies when his health bar gets lower than the 75% mark. Once he hits this health mark, those large red circles will summon Pit lords and Succubi which hurt a lot more than the Hellions do.

I also recommend you get rid of them before resuming to attack Elias.

Elias Act 5 - red projectiles
Blood bullets

Ability 3 – Blood bullets: Elias Fallen Horadrim will raise his staff and cast red bullets off of it. He can shoot anywhere between 3 and 10 bullets at a time, and they are homing bullets which means they will chase you. I found that the best way to avoid them is by keeping your distance from the boss as they will have more travel time to reach you and you will have more time to dodge.

If you are playing a melee class like a Barbarian, just watch his staff. When he raises his hand, then you know he is going to start shooting the blood bullets.

Elias Act 5 - Half map attack
Half map attack

Ability 4 – Half map attack: After crossing the first health mark, Elias Fallen Horadrim will start casting an attack in the shape of 3 cones that covers 50 percent of the map. This will go for two seconds and standing on it will make you vulnerable and cause a lot of damage.

The best way to avoid it is to stay close to the boss, this way you can easily dodge to the other side of the map where it is safe.

Elias Act 5 - map wide counter-clockwise attack
Counterclockwise attack

Ability 5 – Counterclockwise attack: This is an attack that Elias Fallen Horadrim will cast after crossing his second health mark. He will cast 5 danger zone cones that span the entire map. You can only avoid them by standing in the safe zone between every cone. This attack will happen three times, and he will move in a counterclockwise fashion.

When you defeat Elias, Fallen Horadrim in Act 5 of Diablo IV, you will get one legendary and one rare item along with some gold as a reward.

How to Beat Elias, Hatred’s Remnant in the Fallen Temple

To beat Elias, Hatred’s Remnant in the Capstone dungeon Fallen Temple, you should be level 70. Even though I completed this dungeon with a level 65 Barbarian, I had a very hard time and I had to be laser-focused to avoid being one-shot.

I even had all Flawless gems and 5 unique items including a two-handed sword. This fight is like a cat-and-mouse game, you need to land a few hits, run away, and wait for another opportunity, similar to Brol’s fight.

To prevent the same from happening to you, let’s go through the abilities that Elias has when fighting him in the Capstone dungeon, Fallen Temple.

Elias Hatred’s Remnant abilities

This time around, Elias has 4 marks on his health bar, and his mechanics change as his health gets lower. His abilities are as follows:

Elias Hatreds Remnant - Blood Shots
Blood Shots

Ability 1 – Blood Shots: This is basically his basic attack. Elias will raise his staff, and fire up to five blood projectiles that will move in your direction. If you are close to the boss, all three projectiles will hit you and you won’t have enough time to escape them. As soon as you see him raise his staff, run away to give yourself enough room to dodge.

Elias Hatreds Remnant - Summoning
Summoning Circles

Ability 2 – Summoning Circles: Elias, Hatred’s Remnant will conjure multiple summoning circles on your side of the arena. They hit like a truck, so make sure to avoid getting hit by them. Once they explode, either Hellions or Succubi will be summoned.

Elias Hatreds Remnant - poison pools
Poison pools

Ability 3 – Poison Pools: Very similar to the Summoning Circles, Elias will also conjure circles on your side of the map, but these ones will poison you and remain on the ground for a short period of time.

Elias Hatreds Remnant - Fire barrage
Fire Barrage

Ability 4 – Fire Barrage: Elias will charge his attack for a second before he fires a flurry of fire projectiles in all directions of the map. The best bet is to stand on the corner of the map to avoid them as they spread out the farther they get from the boss.

Keep note that even when Elias is charging his attack, if you are close, you will get hit by the fire bolts.

Elias Hatreds Remnant - Fire Cone
Fire Cone

Ability 5 – Fire Cone: This is probably one of the most dangerous attacks that he has.

Elias, Hatred’s Remnant will create a cone-shaped fire attack in the direction he is pointing to. The cone will deal damage over time for as long as you are standing on it. If you are not, then you have a very good opening to deal a lot of damage.

Elias Hatreds Remnant - Fire Cone (Map Wide attack)
Fire cone – Map wide

This attack changes when the boss’s health crosses the two marks. He will cast this ability three times covering the entire map. The fire will move in a clockwise manner, and to avoid being hit by the second and third cones, you need to run to the first cone after it disappears making sure to time it perfectly.

Elias Hatreds Remnant - Fire Triangle
Fire Triangle

Ability 6 – Fire Triangle: Elias will cast a triangle where he will summon three Pit lords. The triangle will remain on the ground, and if you walk past it, you will get burned, and take a lot of damage. Dodging over it will still damage and burn you.

By the time his health gets to the second mark, this pattern will change to a star instead of a triangle, and Elias will summon 5 Pit lords instead of 3.

Tips to beating Elias, Hatred’s Remnant

After trying for over thirty minutes on a level 65 Barbarian, I have come up with some tips for you to defeat Elias, Hatred’s Remnant

  • Whenever the boss summons smaller enemies, always aim for them first.
  • Take your time, and fight slowly trying to avoid all the projectiles.
  • Get as much Fire resistance as you can as the Succubi, Pit Lords, Hellions, and the boss’s attacks are mostly Fire.
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