Diablo 4: Fighting Brol, the Tyrant King [Boss Guide]

Brawl with Brol by learning all his attack patterns, and staying ahead of the game.
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Brol Diablo 4

Brol the Tyrant King is packed with attacks that hurt. He makes sure you don’t take more than a couple of slashes from his sword. This big hunk of a man is one of the more challenging bosses due to his fast attacks, stuns, and the fact that he summons a hoard of enemies to come to his aid.

You will encounter the Tyrant King in Act 3 of the main story in the Temple of the Primes. The “Descent Into Flame” quest will have you go into the temple, slay the followers of Lilith, and by the end of it, brawl with Brol.

How To Beat Brol, the Tyrant King In Diablo 4

To beat Brol, you have to have a good strategy that utilizes both offense and defense at the same time, moreover try defeating the enemies that he summons as soon as you can because having so many of them will make the fight extremely chaotic.

Brol the Tyrant King’s attack patterns

The Tyrant King is fierce, fast, and packs 4 health marks on his health bar. His rotation consists of four moves and a basic attack that you want to watch out for.

Brol’s basic attack has him swinging his sword twice, and getting hit by both can cost you 50% of your health bar. One thing is certain in this fight, and it’s the fact that you will be constantly going in circles trying to dodge his attacks.

Brol the Tyrant King Rush

Ability 1 – Rush: Brol is fast enough to close the gap between you two without the need for a rush. Nevertheless, he has one that he will use every once in a while.

The rush alone is not a problem, however, if you get hit by it, then this can pose a great danger and turn the tide of the battle. This is because getting hit by Brol’s rush will stun you for a short duration, and if his summons is surrounding you, then this can quickly turn into death, which brings us to the second ability.

Diablo 4 Tyrant King Summons

Ability 2 – Summon: Throughout the fight, Brol the Tyrant King will summon up to fifteen enemies to come to his aid. I recommend you get rid of them first before trying to focus on attacking the boss again. This is especially important when he loses two health marks as he will start summoning more executioners than smaller enemies. Executioners hurt more, and are harder to defeat.

Diablo 4 Brol Slam

Ability 3 – Slam: Brol, The Tyrant King will reveal a brown circle beneath him that indicates that he will perform a ground slam. The animation will take around two seconds, so if you are close to the boss, you have enough time to make your escape by dodging or using a maneuver ability like Teleport.

Brol the Tyrant King Berserk Slam

Ability 4 – Berserk: Just after the last health mark, Brol will go berserk and gain increased damage, attack speed, and movement speed. He will also start using a new ability which includes three slams with his swords. When you see him slamming his sword on the ground after he has gone berserk, then I suggest you start running. You will know that he finished the attack sequence when he slams both swords on the ground.

This ability is not to be confused with the Ground Slam, because this one is faster, and there is no cast animation to it. Brol will start beating the ground like there is no tomorrow.

Tips to defeating Tyrant King Brol

Since I defeated this boss with a Barbarian on my first playthrough of the game, and a Sorceress on my second playthrough, it is safe to say that I have had my fair share of Brol, the Tyrant King. Here are my suggestions for a better strategy to help defeat him easily.

  • Use the ground slam cast time as an opportunity to attack the boss from behind.
  • Always keep a gap closer / escape ability in your kit.
  • Focus on killing his summons.

Since we don’t write about builds, I recommend you check out the meta builds for your class on this website. This should give you an optimized kit to help in defeating Brol.

Brol Tyrant King rewards

Brol the Tyran King Rewards

When you finally manage to defeat Brol, you are guaranteed at least one rare gear item, and one legendary along with some gold. The bigger reward though is the achievement of defeating this boss, so give yourself a tap on the back, and continue your adventures.

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