Diablo 4: How to Defeat Lilith’s Lament [Boss Guide]

Here is how you can beat Lilith's Lament in Diablo 4.
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Lilith's Lament Diablo 4

I beat Lilith’s Lament twice. Once as a melee class, and another as a sorceress, so I can confidently say that I managed to build an efficient strategy to help you defeat this boss easily.

In this guide, we will go over how you can defeat Lilith’s Lament by going over all the attack patterns, and some tips on how to make things easier on yourself.

Lilith’s Lament location

Lilith's Lament location
The Map is courtesy of MagPie’s interactive map

This boss can be found in the story dungeon “Necropolis of the Firstborn” which is located on the eastern side of Kehjistan. You will gain access to this dungeon by the end of Act 1 in a quest called “Descent”.

To get there, you have to travel all the way from The Fractured Peaks through Hawezar, or by taking the route through Dry Steppes.

How To Beat Lilith’s Lament

To beat Lilith’s Lament in Diablo 4, you need to have a build that includes maneuvering and offensive abilities. This is because the boss will cover most of the fight with poison pools as he attacks you with other abilities at the same time. So movement is key when attempting to defeat this boss.

Lilith’s Lament abilities

The boss has five abilities, and 3 marks on his health bar. New phases don’t introduce new moves, but the frequency in which he attacks will get higher, so keep this in mind.

Liliths Lament Poison pool
Poison Pools

Ability 1 – Poison Pools: As you can see, the ground is covered with poison pools that Lilith’s Lament will constantly be spitting out. They last quite some time, so you have to make sure to walk around them and not over them.

Those pools will gradually grow, covering more surface area until they reach their limit, and standing on those poison pools will constantly damage, and apply a poison effect on you.

Liliths Lament blood Waves
Blood Waves

Ability 2 – Blood Waves: As we mentioned before, the boss will summon blood waves that will move in a linear direction from one side of the map to another. As his health gets lower, he will start spawning blood waves from two sides of the map.

If you get hit by the waves, they won’t explode. They will keep moving and deal damage to you for as long as you are standing inside them, and they will automatically disappear when they reach the other end of the battlefield.

Liliths Lament Cone Attack
Cone Attack

Ability 3 – Cone Attack: A very obvious cone-shaped danger zone will pop up facing Lilith’s Lament. You need to avoid standing on this as the boss will whip his hand and cause a lot of damage. You do have up to two seconds to move before the boss is done casting this ability.

Liliths Lament Protective Barrier
Map-wide attack

Ability 4 – Map-wide attack: Right after you reach the 3rd mark of the boss’s health bar, a knight in shining armor will arrive to aid you in battle. This Knight Penitent is in fact, Commander Vigo. His presence in the fight is extremely crucial as he will give you safe haven from a map-wide boss attack.

When you see the map turn red, run towards Vigo and stand under his protective barrier until the blood disappears from the battlefield. This should last like 5 seconds.

Lilith’s Lament Rewards

Just like most big boss fights, you are guaranteed at least 1 rare, and 1 legendary piece of gear. On top of that, you will get a legendary amulet from Vigo that has a special effect where if your health drops under a certain threshold, you will automatically cast the same defensive barrier that you saw in the fight.

This concludes Acts I, and everything you need to know about this boss. While venturing into Act II, the first boss you will come across would be Airidah, Keeper of the Dead, so be ready.

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