Diablo 4: Defeating Airidah, Keeper of the Dead [Boss Guide]

This guide goes over how you can beat Airidah, Keeper of the Dead in Diablo 4.
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Airidah Keeper of the Dead Diablo 4

After climbing the mountains of Scosglen with Yorin and Arlo in Act 2, you will have to meet Airidah, Keeper of the Dead who at first won’t seem like a threat.  When you get to the summit, you will see her playing her instruments, but will soon realize that she is up for a fight.

This guide goes over how to beat the Airidah, by going over her location, attack patterns, and rewards.

Where can you find Airidah in Diablo 4?

Airidah, Keeper of the dead location
Airidah’s location

You will fight this boss on top of a mountain in Scosglen during a quest called “Apex of Misery”. The quest will start on the southern side of the Wailing Hills, and you will slowly make your way toward the north to find Airidah sitting on a rock playing an instrument.

Before you confront her, make sure to take the potion well just before the entrance to the summit because the fight will immediately start after a shortcut scene, and there is no going back from there.

How To Beat Airidah, Keeper of the Dead

Whether you are playing melee, or ranged, the strategy to this fight is the same for both class roles. This is because the boss will constantly teleport and cast lightning bolts under your feet regardless of how close or far you are from her. The best strategy is to keep moving, and whenever you see an opening, you initiate.

Airidah, Keeper of the Dead’s abilities

The mechanics for this boss won’t change as her health gets lower. She will only start casting a lot more of her abilities, especially the lightning bolts and tornadoes.

Airidah Keeper of the Dead lightning bolts
Lightning Bolts

Ability 1 – Lightning bolts: Whenever the boss yells, this is a sign that she is casting her lightning bolts. This is a series of attacks that are identified by small blue circles that will be peppered all over the map. Initially, she will start with three bolts, and by the end of the fight, she will probably cast a dozen of them at a time.

Airidah Keeper of the Dead tornadoes

Ability 2 – Tornadoes: Airidah will summon tornadoes that will constantly move around the battlefield. If you touch the tornadoes, then you will take a lot of damage, and you will get knocked back.

The number of tornadoes increases from one to two and then three on all three of her phases respectively.

Ability 3 – Teleport: For a split second, Airidah becomes invulnerable and teleports somewhere random on the map. Keep note that if she teleports to the center of the map, then she is going into her phase which is the next ability we are going to cover.

Airidah Keeper of the Dead wraiths

Ability 4 – Wraith summons: At 75% and 25% health, the boss will teleport to the center of the map, become invulnerable, and summon 2 then 4 wraiths in both phases respectively. To make her vulnerable again, you have to get rid of the wraiths.

Don’t lose focus during the phases though as she will still cast her lightning bolts constantly.

Airidah’s rewards in Diablo 4

When you defeat the boss, you will get one magic, one rare piece of gear, and some experience. Legendary drops are out of the question as it is still early in the game.

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