Diablo 4: How to Defeat Tchort, Herald of Lilith [Boss Guide]

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Tchort herald of lilith diablo 4 - boss fight

Tchort, Herald of Lilith is another boss you will encounter in Diablo 4 right after fighting Vhenard in Act 1. During a quest called Fledging Scholar, you will have to go and retrieve the Death Harnessed: Theories of Rathma book for Neyrelle. However, to do so, you must first overcome Tchort.

The good news about this fight is that, unlike the Vhenard, this boss does not spawn any enemies to aid her in battle, and it is basically a one-versus-one fight. To make things easier for you, this guide will go over how to beat Tchort, Herald of Lilith.

How to beat Tchort, Herald of Lilith

To beat Tchort, you have to stay away from the center of the room, destroy all her fire orbs, and avoid being hit by her Lightning Push ability. Keep note that just like any other boss, removing a mark from her health bar will drop two health potions, so use that to your own advantage.

Tchort’s abilities

Fighting Tchort is not so hard. In fact, this boss has fewer attack patterns than other bosses do in Diablo 4. However, to survive, you will need to understand all her attack patterns.

  • Lightning Push
  • Theories of Rathma Vortex
  • Fire Orbs

Apart from her basic attack which is a lightning ball projectile, these are all the abilities that we will go over in this guide.

Tchort herald of lilith diablo 4 - lightning push
Lightning Push

Ability 1 – Lightning Push:  Every once in a while Tchort will teleport to a random location, most likely one that is near you, and summon 5 lightning balls. After some time, those lightning balls explode and form a line that will push you back if you get hit by it.

Be careful of this mechanic as she can push you into the central vortex and the fireballs which we will talk about later down in this guide.

Tchort herald of lilith diablo 4 - Book
Death Harnessed: Theories of Rathma Vortex

Theories of Rathma Vortex: Not really an ability, but more like a nuisance on the battlefield, is Rathma’s book. Around that book, you will see a green vortex that grows as the boss’s health bar decreases. You will need to fight around it because if you are standing inside the vortex, you will be slowed.

I recommend that you fight this boss on the corners of the map because this is where she summons her fireballs, keeping you the farthest from the center of the arena.

Tchort herald of lilith - fire orbs
Fire Orbs

Ability 2 – Fire Orb: Tchort, Herald of Lilith will spawn fire orbs all over the map that explode after a few seconds causing a wide area of effect damage. These fire orbs won’t pose a threat in the initial stages of the fight. However, as you near the third health mark, Tchort will start spawning up to 10 orbs.

Destroying them all is not an option, so try going for just one or two orbs, and stand right where they were destroyed. This will keep you safe from the explosive AoEs of the other fire orbs.

Tips to defeating Tchort, Herald of Lilith

I personally fought Tchort as both melee and ranged classes. The difference between both is subtle due to the push mechanic, but here are some tips for you whether you are playing a range class, or a melee one.

  • Fight her in the corners of the map, and avoid the center.
  • When she does her lightning push ability, don’t dodge in the direction of the lightning. Try dodging to the sides, or if you are close enough to the boss, dodge behind her.
  • If you play a sorceress, then try taking the Teleport ability as this will help you a lot in dodging. Barbarians can take Leap.

That’s all you need to know when it comes to fighting Tchort, Herald of Lilith. If you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments.

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