Diablo 4: How to Defeat Vhenard [Boss Guide]

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Vhenard Boss Fight Diablo 4

Vhenard is one of the early-game bosses you encounter in Act 1 of Diablo 4’s main storyline. If you are playing the game in World Tier 1, then you should not have a problem, however, if you are playing the game in World Tier 2, then this boss could be somewhat of a challenge.

Who is Vhenard in Diablo 4 and Where to find her

Vhenard is Neyrelle’s mother, and after trying to bring her back from the blindness that Lilith put her in, it only results in failure, and you end up fighting her. This guide will go over all the mechanics and patterns that Vhenard has.

You can find her in the Black Lake as you progress deeper in The Cost of Knowledge main quest.

How to Defeat Vhenard

To defeat Vhenard, you need to kill the Succubi that she summons as the boss will be invulnerable throughout the whole fight, and she can only take damage when all the succubi that are tethered to her, die.

Vhenard’s abilities

Even though you won’t directly attack Vhenard, she still has a lot of abilities behind her sleeves. We will go over every single one in detail to give you an easier time in world tier 2, and to avoid restarting your entire gameplay if you are playing in Hardcore mode.

Vhenard - Summoning Circle
Summoning Circle

Ability 1 – Summoning Circle: The first ability will be her Summoning Circle. When the fight starts, and every time you manage to take away one health mark from her bar, she will attempt to summon Succubi. The big summoning circles will last for three seconds, and they don’t hurt even if you were standing on them.

Vhenard - Succubi
Succubus enemies

Succubus enemies: This is not an ability, but more like a mechanic for the fight. After Vhenard casts her summoning circles, several Succubi will come out, and they will tether blood between themselves on the boss in a linear form. Avoid standing in this line as it will inflict a lot of damage on you.

You have to be aware when fighting those Succubi as they will hit in both melee and ranged. If you are playing ranged, try to stick to them as much as you can because if you are far, they will shoot 3 lightning balls at you that hurt a lot. If you are melee, then you don’t have to worry about that part.

The boss will summon 2, 3, then 5 Succubi respectively after every time you remove a mark from her health bar.

Vhenard - Blinding Field
Blinding Field

Ability 2 – Blinding Field: The combat zone is pretty small during the Vhenard boss fight, and this alone is challenging. However, what makes it more challenging is the fact that the stairs on the edges of the map are off-limits because you can get hit by a blind field if you are standing on them.

If you take a closer look at the image, you can see that I actually am standing on the blind field, and this is exactly what you don’t want to do. If you stand long enough, you will get blinded and you are unable to see any projectiles coming at you.

Vhenard - Projectiles

Ability 3 – Projectiles: From the beginning of the fight, Vhenard will constantly shoot projectiles that are in the form of a line connected to two balls. They will start from the center point of the boss, and keep rotating in a circular motion as they approach you.

The line in the middle will simply deal damage you for as long as you are standing on it. However, the two circles will explode and cause damage if you get hit by either one.

When the fight starts, the boss will shoot up to 3 projectiles at once, however, as her health gets lower, she will start shooting up to 5 projectiles.

Vhenard - Hell Spawns
Hell Spawns

Ability 4 – Summoning Hell Spawns: The last thing that we want to cover in this Vhenard guide is the spawns that she summons throughout the fight.

When the boss gets to her 2nd health mark, she will start summoning small enemies that will shoot fire bolts from a distance. The number of spawns increases as her health gets lower.

When the boss hits her last phase, she will summon one large enemy that will prove to be a challenge when you have 5 other succubi, smaller enemies, and the boss’s projectiles all trying to defeat you.

That concludes everything there is to know about Vhenard in Diablo 4. The next boss that you will encounter in the story would be Tchort, Herald of Lilith, so check out the guide, and be prepared.

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