Diablo 4: How to Beat Mother’s Judgment [Boss Guide]

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Mother's Judgment Diablo 4

As you make your way towards Elias, you will stumble upon a mini-boss called Mother’s Judgment. She is one of the bosses that you will encounter multiple times in Diablo 4. While all the times you do face her are in optional dungeons, the fight we will be going over is part of a main quest called Whispers from the Past.

Mother’s Judgment is a formidable boss due to how much damage her attacks do and the fact that her basic attacks are projectiles that deal a lot of damage and travel very fast. This guide will go over all the mechanics and patterns that this boss has so that you can defeat her easily.

Where is Mother’s Judgment located?

Mother's judgement location
Mother’s judgment location

Mother’s Judgment is located in an area called Jakha Basin in Dry Steppes. The fastest way to get there would be by using the Hidden Overlook waypoint. However, you won’t have to worry much about that as the main story will automatically lead you there as you progress deeper into the main story.

How to beat Mother’s Judgment in Diablo 4

To defeat Mother’s Judgment you have to watch out for her lightning bolts and her teleportation skill which shoots more lightning bolts that travel in a cyclone shape. To be extra cautious, we will go over all her abilities one by one. She also has 3 marks on her health bar, however, she does not have any phases the lower her health becomes.

Mother’s Judgment abilities

This boss has two main abilities you want to watch out for, and her basic attack. One trick I would recommend is to use the pillars on the edges of the arena to block her lightning bolts.

Mother's Judgment - Small red circles
Small red circles

Ability 1 – Small red circles: Mother’s Judgment will spawn up to five small red circles that last for a second on the ground and will explore after that duration. Simply avoid standing on them and you are good to go.

Mother's Judgment - Teleport

Ability 2 – Teleport: The boss will attempt to teleport to a specific location. The way this works is Mother’s Judgment will cast two large circles. One directly beneath her, and another touching the circumference of that circle. She will teleport to the center of the second circle.

Once she is done with the teleportation, the circles will explode and a barrage of lightning bolts will travel in a cyclone form.

Mother's Judgment - Teleport Projectiles
Teleportation lightning barrage

As you can see in the image above, five lightning bolts will keep expanding in a cyclone shape after the circles have exploded.

To avoid the bolts, I recommend you keep your distance when you see the boss teleport. This is because the lightning bolts will disperse the farther they are from where they started. This way, you will have more room to close the gap between you and the boss and avoid taking any damage.

Mother’s Judgment rewards

When you defeat Mother’s Judgment, you will get a lot of experience, gold, and at least 1 piece of rare gear.

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