Diablo 4: How to Defeat The Curator [Boss Guide]

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Diablo 4 The Curator

To progress further in Diablo 4, you have to defeat The Curator, a boss located in the Capstone dungeon, Cathedral of Light. This boss will put your skills and build to the test as he is the gateway to unlocking world tier 3 which features harder enemies and better rewards.

So, to avoid losing all your hardcore progress, this guide got you covered with all the attack patterns and mechanics of The Curator.

How To Beat Diablo 4 The Curator

To defeat The Curator, you have to be prepared with Elixirs and be at least level 50 as this is one of the dungeons that has the enemy’s level hard capped to 50 and not scaled to your level, and the boss is no different.

The Curator’s abilities

The boss has five main abilities and 2 marks on his health bar. He will be using all his abilities from the get-go with the exception of the Exploding Walls which will only be used when the boss’s health drops below 50%.

The Curator - Soul Projectiles
Soul Projectiles

Ability 1 – Soul Projectiles: The Curator will shoot spirits off of his Scythe that go around in circles all over the map. They will disappear after a short duration, and getting hit by them won’t cause a lot of damage, but they might leave you off guard as you try to dodge them.

The Curator - Summoning Circles
Summoning Circles

Ability 2 – Summoning Circles: Small circles show up all over the map that will explode after a certain amount of time and deal a lot of damage if you were standing on them. Once they have exploded, skeletons and Skeleton Ballistas will spawn.

The skeletons are easy to deal with, however, I recommend you get rid of the Ballistas immediately as they deal a lot of damage. Initially, The Curator will summon one or two Ballistas, but this number will increase as the boss’s health decreases.

The Curator - Well of Souls
Well of Souls

Ability 3 – Well of Souls: The Curator will point his scythe in a certain direction and shoot five wells that go in five directions in a linear form. Each line will be 36 degrees apart from the other, and the gap between each one is the safe zone.

To avoid this attack, the best strategy would be to stand close to the boss as he will cover one-half of the map, and the other half will be completely safe. However, when the boss’s health gets lower, this won’t be an option as the animation for this skill with change.

After the first health mark, The Curator will start casting this ability three times simultaneously in different directions, and all you can do is try to get to the small gap that is the safe zone. If you have boots that provide +1 dodge, then this would be a good option to have for this fight.

The Curator - Tornadoes

Ability 4 – Tornadoes: The Curator casts two tornadoes that gradually increase in number as his health gets lower. These tornadoes will chase you, and if you get caught by one of them, you will lose most of the vision around the map as seen in the above image.

Even though they deal little damage, the blindness is enough to let the Ballistas land one hit on you and lost half your health, so try avoiding them completely.

The Curator - Walls
Exploding Walls

Ability 5 – Exploding Walls: Similar to other bosses, The Curator will cast walls that have three different patterns. Every time he casts them, they will be placed differently on the map. Those walls are meant to block you from moving and will explode after a short period of time.

The explosion damage from the walls has a wide range, so try to stay equally far from two walls, or destroy one and use it as a safe zone. Don’t attempt to destroy all the walls because you won’t have time, and it is a waste of time.

As you can see, The Curator packs some strong abilities under his sleeve, so it’s best to come prepared with great builds that can be found all over the internet.

The Curator Rewards

The Curator - Rewards

Upon defeating The Curator you will get the following items and benefits:

  • Access to World Tier 3
  • Access to Nightmare Dungeons
  • Gold
  • Random loot, with a guaranteed Legendary and rare piece of armor.
  • Character experience
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