Diablo 4: How to Beat Slither [Boss Guide]

Having a hard time fighting Slither? Keep reading to find out all locations, rewards and mechanics for this boss.
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Diablo 4 Slither

Slither is a boss that you encounter in the Witchwater and Forgotten Ruins dungeons. Confronting this snake is inevitable as you have to complete all the dungeons to get the most out of the renown system.

Even though this is a mere dungeon boss, it is best to come prepared, so here is everything you need to know about Slither in Diablo 4.

Where is Slither located?

Witchwater location
Witchwater location

Slither is located in both Witchwater and Forgotten Ruins dungeons. Witchwater is located south of Hawezar. To get there, take the Backwater waypoint located at the bottom right corner of Hawezar, and go west till you cross a narrow path. From there, just keep heading west, and Witchwater should be by the end of the road.

Forgotten Ruins location
Forgotten Ruins location

Forgotten Ruins on the other hand is located in Kehjistan. To get there, take the Iron Wolves Encampment waypoint and also head west, however, once you get near the beach, you have to take a right to get to the dungeon.

How to Defeat Slither

To beat Slither, you have to avoid all the poison attacks as they deal damage over time and it can be a pain if you are running low on health potions.

Speaking of health potions, the boss will drop two of them every time you remove one of its three health bar marks, so use that to your advantage. Moreover, you can use Poison Resistance Elixir to reduce the damage taken from those poison attacks.

Slither’s abilities

This boss has only three abilities that you need to worry about, and all of them will leave a poison status effect if you get hit by them.

Slither - Cone Attack
Cone Attack

Ability 1 – Cone attack: The snake will spit poison in a cone shape. Standing on the cone will cause damage and cause poison.

Slither - Eye
Stunning eye

Ability 2 – Stunning Eye: The boss will throw eyeballs on the map that will point a laser at you. After a second, if you are standing within the eye’s point of view, you will be stunned.

Initially, the boss will only send out one eye, but this number will increase as the boss’s health decreases.

Slither - Poison Pool and Summons
Poison Pool and Summons

Ability 3 – Poison Pools: The boss will spit poison pools on the ground that will remain for a short duration. Standing on them will slow you and apply a poison status effect. In the early stages of the fight, the boss will only spit one pool but will start spitting up to three pools by the end of the fight.

Diablo 4 Slither Rewards

By defeating Slither, you will get gold, and at least two rare pieces of gear as drops. However, what matters more is the Legendary Aspects and renown points. By completing the Forgotten Ruins for the first time, you will be rewarded with the Barbarian-exclusive Iron Blood Aspect, and completing Witchwater will reward you with the Prodigy’s Aspect.

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