Diablo 4: How to Beat Valtha, Witch of the Wastes [Boss Guide]

Want to beat Diablo 4 Valtha with ease? Keep reading to find out more.
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Diablo 4 Valtha boss fight

Valtha, who was supposed to be an ally, turns out to be the Witch of the Wastes. When you get to Act 5 of the main story, Taissa will ask you to go to the swamp and meet Valtha, but you will immediately find out that she is not so friendly and will end up fighting her in an intense boss fight.

Where is Valtha located?

Valtha's Location
Valtha’s Location

During a quest called Swamp Hospitality, you will be asked by Taissa to delve deeper into the swamp to find Valtha who has the quicksilver that Taissa needs. To get to her, you need to go to her hut located northwest of Friman’s Pyre which is a small zone located in the northern side of Hawezar.

Getting there is the first battle, and the real fight is when you actually speak with her and find out that she is hostile.

Further in the guide, we will go over her mechanics and attack patterns of this entire boss fight.

How To Beat Valtha

To beat her, you have to dodge all her fire-based abilities and get rid of her minions as soon as she summons them as the fight can become hectic very fast.

Valtha has two marks on her health bar, and her abilities get stronger as her health decreases. Whenever the boss crosses a health mark, two potions will be up for grabs, so use that to your own advantage.

To make things a bit more bearable, you can add Ruby Gems to your Jewelry, and use Fire Resistance Elixirs to build up that fire resistance as all her attacks are fire-based. However, if you don’t want to do that, you can familiarize yourself with her abilities and just wing it.

Valtha’s abilities

This boss has five abilities that you have to watch out for, and they are the following.

Valtha - Basic

Ability 1 – Fireballs: Valtha’s basic attack is three fireballs going in three different linear directions. They start from the tip of her staff and spread out the farther they get, so make sure to leave a little distance from the boss to avoid being hit by all three fireballs at the same time.

Valtha - Meteor shower
Meteor shower

Ability 2 – Meteor shower: The most common attack that she has is her meteor shower. Every once in a while, she will cast this ability and leave a lot of small red circles on the ground around you. These circles are an indication of where the meteors will land, and you will have around one second to dodge them.

Valtha Summoning Circles
Summoning Circles

Ability 3 – Summoning Circles: Valtha will cast summoning circles that will remain on the battlefield for a short duration. Those circles will deal damage if you get in contact with them, and every once in a while, the boss will summon skeletons from those circles.

There is no limit to how many circles can be on the ground at the same time, but I fought her three times and one of the fights had five summoning circles at the same time.

Valtha - Flame dash
Flame dash

Ability 4 – Flame dash: The boss will rush in a linear direction spreading fireballs in two directions and leaving a trail of fire that will deal damage if stepped on. In her early stages, she will only cast one rush, however, as her health gets lower, she will cast up to three fire dashes.

Valtha - Summon Chase
Summon Chase

Ability 5 – Summon chase: Valtha will tether her staff to one of the skeletons on the field and the skeleton will chase you and explode after a short period of time. This is why I recommend you defeat all the enemies that are summoned as soon as you see them.

That’s all you need to know about the Valtha fight. Now head to the swamps and give this witch a taste of her own medicine.

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