Diablo 4: How to Beat Spiritcaller of Squalls [Boss Guide]

Looking to beat the Spiritcaller of Squalls? Look no further, this guide got you covered with everything you need to know.
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Spiritcaller of Squalls

Spiritcaller of Squalls is a Shaman boss that can only be found in dungeons. He is one of the Spiritcaller family members, and they all carry staves. However, this one uses lightning magic to fend off his foes.

This guide will cover the Spiritcaller of Squalls’ locations, attack patterns, and rewards.

Diablo 4 Spiritcaller of Squalls locations

This boss is located in Scosglen, specifically in two dungeons, Wretched Delve and Whispering Pines.

Wretched Delve is located in Tul Dulra which is a Stronghold located west of Scosglen. You can only access the dungeon after conquering the Stronghold. Completing the stronghold will unlock a waypoint, so you don’t have to worry about teleporting somewhere else. You can take the Tul Dulra waypoint directly.

Whispering Pines is located in Highland Wilds, a zone southeast of Scosglen. The fastest way to get there is by taking the Under the Fat Goose Inn waypoint and moving east.

How To Defeat Spiritcaller of Squalls in Diablo 4

To defeat the Spiritcaller of Squalls, you have to avoid his Lightning Pillars while making sure to rid all the smaller monsters that he summons and dodging his lightning attacks. The shaman is pretty straightforward to defeat, and every time he loses a health mark, he will drop two potions, so stay healthy.

Spiritcaller of Squalls’ abilities

Much like the Spiritcaller of Frost, this guy has three abilities, but rather than focusing on ice magic, they are focus on lightning magic.

Spiritcaller of Squalls - Basic Attack
Basic Attack

Ability 1 – Basic Attack: The Spiritcaller of Squalls will constantly fire three lightning bolts from his staff that spread in three different directions. The best course of action here is to dodge them or stand behind the boss to avoid getting hit by the projectiles.

Ability 2 – Lightning Pillars: The boss will spawn Lightning Pillars all over the map that don’t deal any damage on their own. However, if any of the lightning balls come in contact with the Pillar, then another five lightning balls will pop out from it.

The best strategy here is to point the boss away from the Pillars so he does not basic attack them.

Ability 3 – Summon: Throughout the fight, the Spiritcaller of Squalls will summon enemies that will come to his aid. I recommend defeating them as soon as you get the chance before the fight becomes messy.

Spiritcaller of Squalls rewards

Defeating this boss will reward you with at least 1 rare and 1 magic item, along with some gold and experience. Moreover, slaying the boss for the first time will reward you with the dungeon renown and the Codex of Power Aspects that are tied to this dungeon.

From the Wretched Delve, you will get the Aspect of Static Cling (Sorcerer Only), whereas, from the Whispering Pines, you will get the Ballistic Aspect (Druid Only).

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