Diablo 4: How to Beat Resurrected Malice [Boss Guide]

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Diablo 4 Resurrected Malice

The Resurrected Malice is a bigger version of the Banshee enemies that you will constantly stumble upon in Sanctuary. His attacks focus on souls and most of them will make you vulnerable so dodging everything is key to surviving in this fight.

This guide will cover all the mechanics, locations, and rewards for this boss.

Diablo 4 Resurrected Malice locations

Resurrected Malice is located in 4 different dungeons spread between The Fractured Peaks and Dry Steppes. You can find all the locations of this boss in the below table.

Dungeon Location
Black Asylum North of The Fractured Peaks.
Buried Halls Southeast of Dry Steppes.
Forbidden City Northwest of The Fractured Peaks, just above the Menestad waypoint.
Lost Archives Far bottom left of The Fractured Peaks.

How to Beat Resurrected Malice

To beat him, you need to dodge all his abilities as most of them will make you vulnerable and prone to a lot more damage.

Defeating his summons is also key as they are archers and having them around is basically getting extra damage for no reason.

Resurrected Malice’s abilities

This Banshee has four attacks that you need to watch out for.

Resurrected Malice - Soul attack
Soul attack

Ability 1 – Soul attack: The basic attack of this boss is a soul attack in the form of three projectiles that will move in a linear direction.

Resurrected Malice - Soul Explosion
Soul Explosion

Ability 2 – Soul explosion: The second attack is a soul explosion where the boss will tether himself and cast a circle that will explode after a few seconds. If you get hit by the circle, you will be knocked back, and become vulnerable.

Resurrected Malice - Vulnerability attack
Vulnerability attack

Ability 3 – Vulnerability attack: The boss will cast 5 balls for a second and fire them in different linear directions. Getting hit by one of those balls will cause damage and make you vulnerable.

Ability 4 – Summons: The boss will summon allies to his aid. Archers to be exact, and getting rid of them should be a priority as they will put a lot of pressure on you. This becomes pretty hectic and dangerous when you are vulnerable.

Resurrected Malice Rewards

Defeating the Resurrected Malice will reward you with some gold, and up to two rare items, and finishing the dungeons for the first time will net you 20 renown each and a Legendary Aspect.

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