Diablo 4: How to Beat Broodguard [Boss Guide]

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Diablo 4 Broodguard

Broodguard is a fast spider and boss found in multiple dungeons across Sanctuary. The boss uses its poisonous attacks in combination with its webs to constantly keep you under pressure. This guide will cover all the attack patterns, locations, and rewards of Broodguard.

Diablo 4 Broodguard locations

This boss is located in three dungeons peppered in Scosglen and Hawezar.

Dungeon Location
Defiled Catacomb Southwest of Scosglen, next to the Nevesk waypoint.
Blind Burrows North of Hawezar, take the Zarbinzet waypoint and head east from there.
Hive Southeast of Scosglen, take the Under the Fat Goose Inn waypoint and head east.

How to Defeat Broodguard in Diablo 4

To defeat Broodguard, you have to dodge the poison pools and avoid the webs that will be spread all over the fighting pit. All this while also getting rid of the small spiders that the boss will spawn.

This is basically everything there is to that fight, but understanding all the abilities in detail will save you from losing a hardcore character.

Broodguard’s abilities

Diablo 4 Broodguard attacks
All 3 abilities

Ability 1 – Poison pools: Broodguard will throw poison pools that will remain on the ground for a short period of time. Stepping on those pools will apply a poisonous effect, and deal damage over time.

Initially, the spider will throw a few pools, but as its health gets lower, it will start throwing up to three pools at a time.

Ability 2 – Webs: The spider will shoot webs that will stick to the ground. They are harmless, but stepping on them will make you unable to move for a brief period. This is especially dangerous when you have fewer potions and there are a lot of smaller spiders in the field.

You can remove the webs by using any stun breaker ability.

Ability 3 – Summoning: The boss will summon multiple spiders on the field since the beginning of the fight. My recommendation is to get rid of them because if you get webbed, then it is game over as the spiders can deal a lot of damage when there are many of them.

Diablo 4 Broodguard rewards

When you defeat Broodguard, you will get at least 1 rare item as level 15 is when you can start expecting this gear rarity to drop, some gold, and a lot of experience. Similarly, completing the dungeons for the first time will earn you renown and unlock the Legendary Aspects that are bound to those dungeons.

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