Diablo 4: How to Defeat Mohlon, Snake queen [Boss Guide]

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Diablo 4 Mohlon Snake Queen

Encountering bosses in Diablo 4 is not an uncommon ordeal, especially in the later stages of the main story.

While venturing through the dungeons in Act 5, you will come across Mohlon, Snake Queen. This is a boss that uses poisonous attacks and utilizes her spawns to keep you under pressure, which is something similar to what Slither does.

This guide will go over Mohlon’s attack patterns, location, and the rewards you will get by defeating her.

Mohlon Snake Queen’s location

mohlon location
Mohlon Location

Mohlon is located in a dungeon called Serpent’s Lair. This dungeon is located in Hawezar, just southeast of the Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court waypoint. Once you navigate deeper into the dungeon, you will find the boss in Mohlon’s Nest.

How to Defeat Diablo 4 Mohlon, Snake Queen

To defeat Mohlon, you must enter her nest and interact with the chest to begin the fight. Having poison resistance elixirs in hand before initiating the fight is a strategy since most of her abilities are poisonous.

Mohlon Snake Queen - Poison Ray
Poison Ray

Ability 1 – Poison Ray: The boss will spit a poisonous ray that moves in a linear direction. This ray will remain on the ground for a short period of time and getting hit by it will inflict a poison status effect that deals damage over time.

Mohlon Snake Queen - Spawns

Ability 2 – Spawns: Small eggs will be peppered all over the map. Hitting them will allow the smaller snakes to hatch and start attacking you. Similarly, the Snake Queen will also summon bigger snakes as her health bar gets less.

Mohlon, Snake Queen - Eyes

Ability 3 – Eyes: Mohlon will fire multiple eyes that can be identified by a small circle that looks like an eye, and the attacks that look like a green ray. The best course of action is to keep your distance from the eyes as you will get hit by them regardless because they will constantly be pointing at you.

Getting hit by one of the eyes will turn you into stone for a short duration and you won’t be able to move or use your abilities for that duration.

Apart from those abilities, Mohlon will also use her tail and fangs as her basic attacks. Getting hit by those attacks will deal quite some damage, so I recommend you stay behind the boss at all times.

Mohlon, Snake Queen rewards

Once you defeat the Snake Queen, you will get at least one rare item, some gold, and some experience. If you complete the dungeon for the first time, you will get your renown points for it, and unlock the Aspect of Three Curses which is a Sorcerer-specific Aspect.

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