Diablo 4: How to Defeat Duriel, Lord of Pain [Boss Guide]

Having trouble defeating Duriel, Lord of Pain in Diablo 4? This guide got you covered with the boss's location, attack patterns and rewards.
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Diablo 4 Duriel Lord of Pain Boss Fight

Duriel, Lord of Pain is a boss that you encounter in Act 6 of the main story. He is an overgrown worm that is good at digging holes and spitting poison to deal damage over time.

He also uses his huge claws to shred his foes, and his massive mouth to swallow them whole. Even though he has a few attacks, the Lord of Pain proves to be a strong opponent.

Where to find Duriel, Lord of Pain in Diablo 4

Just like Uznu, Duriel, Lord of Pain is located in the Residential District which is a small zone in Caldeum. You will confront this boss during a quest called The Walls Shake where you have to make your way down the Foul Cistern just to discover that this huge maggot is waiting for you.

How to Beat Diablo 4 Duriel, Lord of Pain

To defeat Duriel, Lord of Pain in Diablo 4, you have to be within the level 40 range and have a decent build that can both deal and take a lot of damage.

The boss has only two marks on his health bar, and his attack patterns don’t change the less health he has. It is also a bonus if you carry poison resistance Elixirs, this way you can pop one and take less damage from Duriel as most of his abilities are poisonous.

Duriel, Lord of Pain - Poison Spit
Poison Spit

Ability 1 – Poison Spit: Duriel will charge this attack and you can see it when there is a green liquid forming around the boss’s mouth. After one second, he will shoot this poisonous attack in a linear direction in front of him, and getting hit by it will inflict a poisonous effect on you that deals damage over time.

Duriel, Lord of Pain - Burrow

Ability 2 – Burrow: Duriel, Lord of Pain will dig holes in the ground throughout the entire fight. When he digs a hole, he will come out from another one, and the holes will remain on the map. Their purpose is to hinder your movement so make sure to watch out for getting blocked by them while fighting this boss.

Ability 3 – Jaw attack: The boss will attempt to swallow you, dealing a lot of damage. Seeing this attack is a bit difficult, but the best way to avoid it is to stay behind the boss at all times.

A quick tip is that you won’t be completely stunned while inside the boss’s mouth, and you can still use your potions while you are in there, so increasing your potion capacity would be a good idea.

Duriel, Lord of Pain rewards

Duriel, Lord of Pain - Rewards

Defeating Duriel, Lord of Pain in Diablo 4 will reward you with a magic item, a rare item, and a chance for a legendary item. You will also get a decent amount of experience and some gold.

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