Diablo 4: How to Beat Astaroth [Boss Guide]

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Diablo 4 Astaroth Guide

Astaroth is a level 19 boss in Diablo 4 that you encounter by the end of Act 2 during a quest called As the World Burns. This quest revolves primarily around this fight, and so does this guide.

If you are looking to defeat this boss, then you have come to the right place as we will be going over how to defeat him easily, where he is located, and what rewards to expect from him.

Where is Diablo 4 Astaroth located?

Astaroth location

Astaroth is located in Cerrigar which is a small zone that can be found in the center of Scosglen. Simply take the Cerrigar waypoint and head north from there by following the quest marker. Once you get to the marked location, you will meet up with Donan and confront Astaroth.

How to beat Astaroth in Diablo 4

Defeating this boss could seem pretty intimidating given the size of the dog that he is riding. However, it is not so hard as long as you focus on chasing the beast whenever he loses one mark from his health bar, and avoid standing on the flame for a long period of time.

Astaroth’s Abilities

The boss has four main abilities apart from his basic attack that should be avoided, and they are as follows.

Astaroth Meteor Shower
Meteor Shower

Ability 1 – Meteor Shower: Occasionally, the boss will shower the map with meteors that will explode and leave a circular fire trail on the ground. Stepping on this fire will inflict a fire status effect on you, and deal damage over time.

You can identify the location where the Meteors are going to land by seeing the red circles on the ground, and you will have around one second to dodge them.

Astaroth howl

Ability 2 – Howl: Given that Astaroth has a Cerberus, it wouldn’t make sense if he can’t howl. Well, he does, and quite often at that. When the overgrown dog howls, he will summon some enemies that will come to his aid.

I recommend you defeat the enemies before attempting to attack the boss as all the Meteors on the ground are already a burden, and you don’t want to add five enemies to the mix.

Astaroth fire breath
Fire Breath

Ability 3 – Fire Breath: Astaroth’s Cereberus will breathe fire from all three heads in the direction facing him. However, while breathing fire, he won’t stay idle, but will rather move his head forty-five degrees left and right. To avoid getting hit by the flame, I recommend standing near the boss while he is casting this ability.

Astaroth’s rewards

Astaroth Rewards

Defeating Astaroth in Diablo 4 rewards you with a lot of experience, some gold, and one legendary and rare item. Beating him is a stepping stone to the upcoming levels as you will start using gear with legendary rarity more often.

That’s a wrap, and if you are looking for more boss guides, you can check out the complete Diablo 4 boss list.

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