Guild Wars 2: How to Get and Use a Skiff

Navigate the seas by getting your own boat in Guild Wars 2.
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How to get the Skiff in GW2


  • Skiffs can only be obtained from End of Dragons.
  • You can get one by completing a Renown Heart in Seitung Province.
  • Up to five players can be on board, and you can also fish while anchored.

A Skiff is a boat that allows you to travel the waters of Tyria, Cantha, and the Crystal Desert. It can be obtained exclusively from the End of Dragons expansion and can accommodate up to five players simultaneously.

If you enjoy fishing, then think of all the adventures that you can take with your friends on this thing as you guys gather over Discord and fish your heart out. With the Skiff, this is possible, so let’s dive deeper into how you can get one.

Getting a Skiff

So, as I mentioned before, a GW2 Skiff can only be obtained from the End of Dragons expansions, and the good news is that you can actually get it pretty early in the game. In a nutshell, you have to do the following to get your own boat:

  • Go to Seitung Province.
  • Complete the Renown Heart “Assist the temple in its defense” which is located northwest of Seitung Province.
  • Purchase the Skiff from Renown Heart Renown Heart Vendor, Hall Director Soohee.

Getting to Seitung Province is pretty simple, follow the first chapter in the End of Dragons story and you will end up there by using an Airship. The other way to do that is by joining any squad or party and then using the Teleport to a Friend option given that you have the item in your inventory.

Once you’re there, head northwest until you reach the Sizhou Hall point of interest [&BF4NAAA=]. Complete the Heart by defeating Aetherblade and running some errands around the area, then go back to Hall Director Soohee.

Now buy the boat for Karma 700 Karma and Writ of Seitung Province 2 Writ of Seitung Province or   Karma 700 Karma and Imperial Favor 20  Imperial Favor.

Using a Skiff

How to summon Skiff

To use a Skiff, simply press on the button which is located left of your Skill bar, or press on the dedicated hotkey that is “J” by default and can be changed from the options panel.

Note that you have to either be on your Skimmer, or on land to summon your Skiff.

Pressing the button or holding the hotkey will reveal a preview of where the Skiff will be summoned, and you can change the direction before it actually gets dropped into the water. If the preview turns red, this means you aren’t able to summon it there. If the preview is purple, go ahead and place your Skiff then press F or the interaction hotkey to get on the boat.

It deems the question, what is the point of a Skiff if there is a much faster mount that can swim above and underwater? Well, Skiffs can be anchored, can have up to four other players on board, and allows you to fish in the middle of the ocean.


Don’t expect the Skiff to start shooting missiles or anything, but in fact, you can use it to navigate the seas in different ways. Its abilities will also differ based on if you are a passenger or an owner, here is everything you need to know.


Skill Description
Slow Cruise Decrease the boat’s speed.
Moderate Clip Moderately increase the speed of the boat.
Full Throttle Full speed ahead.
Depth Charges Sink enemies within range.
Turbo Boost Gain even more speed for a short period of time.
Angler Sense Detect nearby fishing ponds and highlights their locations on the map.
Toggle Anchor Drop an anchor once your Skiff has come to a complete stop.


Skill Description
Cheer Cheer emote
Beckon Beckon emote
Wave Wave emote
Laugh Laugh emote
Thanks Thanks emote
Switch Seats Switches to another passenger seat on the Skiff (Only if available)
Disembark Get off the boat


Skiff Skins can be obtained in two ways, either from the Gem Store or from Black Lion Chests which require Black Lion Chest Keys. The skins are purely cosmetic and don’t provide any benefit over other players.

Congratulations, you now own your own Skiff which you can use to travel the seas or park to fish yourself some… Well, fish.

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